News for 2011-01-25

Internet News

* Kingston Seeking Stake in SATA Specialist JMicron (expect more Jmicron based SSDs from Kingston)

* Super Flower Intros First-to-Market 80 Plus Platinum Modular PSU. Fan is off below 65°C similar to Seasonic X PSUs. Will sell a 550W and 650W model.

80 Plus Platinum calls for 90%, 92%, 89% efficiency at 115V and 90%, 94%, 91% efficiency at 230V.
80 Plus Gold calls for 87%, 90%, 87% efficiency at 115V and 88%, 92%, 88% efficiency at 230V.

* Nvidia releases eForce GTX 560 Ti and AMD responds by dropping prices of Radeon HD 6800 and Radeon HD 6900 series products.

* AMD will also release a new driver that will bring about considerable performance improvements to all Radeon HD 6000 series GPUs. Presumably within the next week as the Jan 2011 driver hasn't been released yet.

* Scythe Announces Setsugen 2 VGA Cooler

* NZXT Sentry LXE Fan Controller Review. 5 fans with separate RPM control on a touchscreen, 5 thermal sensors, alarms.

* Asus says expect motherboard prices to rise 15% due to increases in labor costs, material costs, and the value of Taiwan's currency.

* 15.6" LCD monitor that draws only 5W and has no separate power cord. Data and power are supplied over USB.

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