News for 2011-01-27

Internet News

* Intel 510 SSDs (due out Feb 2011) will be based on 34nm flash & 6Gb/s SATA according to contrary to earlier rumors that they wouldn't be 6Gb/s capable. Rumored specs 450MB/s read and 300MB/s write speeds (2x the read and 3x the write speeds of the 2nd generation X-25M drives). Intel lists this model at so it seems near release.

* AMD Catalyst 11.1 WHQL and 11.1a Hotfix - Latest AMD Video Drivers available with major improvements. New CCC layout, power saving adjustments, Open GL 4.1 support, performance increases for HD5xxx and HD6xxx cards (some increases only in the Hotfix at this time, should be rolled into 11.2).

* Scythe announces Universal Retention Kit 3

* LibreOffice 3.3 Final (2011-01-25). This is a Fork/Replacement for OpenOffice which is no longer open source. For history, see

* Reports are piling up about vibration, heat, lockup, freeze, BSOD, complete failures. Momentus XT firmware version SD24 (Released in December 2010) may fix some of these issues but there are no release notes. The official quote given  is:

"Seagate routinely updates factory firmware.  Firmware updates are a combination of performance and reliability enhancements.  Seagate does not publish details about new versions of firmware.  Be sure to back up your important data before applying new firmware."

Reports of issues continue even after SD24 firmware release.

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