News for 2011-02-03

Internet News

* AMD updates Phenom II price list

* Do large downloads need "Not Safe for Canada" badge?

* Intel SATA SSD firmware update tool v1.7 release notes mention firmware dated January 2011 : This firmware revision fixes enumeration and slow-boot issues on SATA 6Gb/s controllers, adds improvements to S.M.A.R.T. attributes for more accurate reporting of drive health, improves NCQ capability, and fixes possible drive hangs when reading S.M.A.R.T. self-test log. This update applies only to 34nm SSDs. 50nm SSDs stay on the 2009 firmware.

This firmware update tool provides the latest firmware for the following Intel SSDs in all capacities:
- Intel® X25-M/X18-M SATA SSD on 50nm (black case) - updates to FW version 8820 (2009 version)
- Intel® X25-E SATA SSD on 50nm (black case) - updates to FW version 8850 (2009 version)
- Intel® X25-M/X18-M SATA SSD on 34nm (silver case) - updates to FW version 02M3 (2011 version)
- Intel® X25-V Value SATA SSD on 34nm (silver case) - updates to FW version 02M3  (2011 version)

* OCZ Technology Introduces New ZX Series 80 Plus Gold Rated Modular PSUs. The lowest power version is 850W so these won't compete directly vs Seasonic Gold PSUs in the 400W to 600W range unless the pricing is lower than expected. With a 5 year warranty and high efficiency these are likely to command a premium.

* StarTech Launches First SATA HDD Docks to Support Four Drives Simultaneously. USB3/USB2 and eSATA ensures maximum compatibility/performance options. Dual variable-speed cooling fans might be a concern for silent types. The ~$150 price might be a concern as well.

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