News for 2011-02-17

Internet News

* AMD Releases Catalyst 11.2 WHQL Drivers. Their servers seem to be overloaded so you may have to wait a bit to get them. WSGF says this release is significant for ATI Radeon 5000 series owners in addition to the general improvements that apply to the 6000, 4000, 3000, and 2000 series.

* OCZ Vertex 2 25nm Review (OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G). Buyer beware. A must read review which is refreshingly short and to to the point.

* OCZ Vertex 3 Pro Preview: The First SF-2500 SSD at Anandtech. Preview.
There is much in this preview but some items aren't about the drive in the title. I've highlighted the general bits of interest below.

# Note this is not the drive you are likely to ever buy as OCZ will tone it down to make the OCZ Vertex 3. By comparison the Vertex 2 200GB is $369 but the Vertex 2 Pro 200GB is $1,051. So read the preview of performance with a grain of salt knowing this drive will be out of your price range as tested. Oh and expected pricing on Vertex 3 Pro is 100GB $525, 200GB $775, 400GB $1350. Cheaper than the Vertex 2 Pro but still 3 times the cost of the Vertex 2.

# Anand discusses 25nm flash wear out on page 2 of the preview and gives us this quote: "Paired with a decent SSD controller, write lifespan is a non-issue. Note that I only fold Intel, Crucial/Micron/Marvell and SandForce into this category. Write amplification goes up by up to an order of magnitude with the cheaper controllers."

# "The Vertex 3 Pro sample I received is a drive rated at 200GB with 256GB of NAND on-board. The SF-2682 controller is still an 8-channel architecture and OCZ populates all 8 channels with a total of 16 NAND devices. OCZ selected Toshiba 32nm Toggle Mode MLC NAND for these early Vertex 3 Pro samples however final shipping versions might transition to IMFT 25nm. The consumer version (Vertex 3) will use IMFT 25nm for sure."

# "Note that I've pulled out our older results for the Kingston V+100. There were a couple of tests that had unusually high performance which I now believe was due the drive being run with a newer OS/software image than the rest of the older drives. I will be rerunning those benchmarks in the coming week." quote found on page 4

# Sandforce 1200 TRIM limitations explored on page 6. It's too much to quote simply but it should explain the behavior seen by Pierre in the thread Got an SSD for performance and silence, but what about TRIM?

* PhotoFast Announces GMonster3-XV2 Series SATA SSD (Marvell controller). Similar specs to a C400.

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