News for 2011-03-01

Internet News

* MSI Afterburner v2.1.0 (2011-02-15) released.

* Intel 510 SSDs released March 1st 2011 (Marvell Controller like C300/C400). Google Product search showed one retailer with the 120GB model in stock for $313 which is slightly above the $284 price for 1,000 unit quantities.

* Intel 320 SSDs coming in mid April 2011 (Intel Controller)

* WSGF updates 3x1 and 5x1 Eyefinity Benchmarks. Tests AMD HD 6800/6900 cards

* 2010 Engadget Awards -- Editors' Choice. Surprise! They are dropping the desktop of the year category.

* AMD to Showcase Bulldozer Microprocessors at CeBIT Trade-Show this week.

* Hardware-Infos: AMD Bulldozer CPUs compatible with AM3 (in German). Google translation based quotes include "This is new and contrary to AMD's statements from last year." and "The AMD board partners told us that already has two Socket AM3 boards of the current portfolio a new bios was posted successfully Bulldozer Samples were put into operation."

* Intel rumored to add cache logic to future chipsets to allow a SSD to work in hybrid mode with a traditional hard drive.

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