News for 2011-03-22

Internet News

* EXPreview: Hands-on Intel 320 Series SSD. Performance reviews to come soon but until then we know from the pictures:

- The controller is the same as the X25M G2.
- The 80GB version has no flash on one side of the PCB so full write speeds will likely require buying the 160GB model, unlike the G2 which gave full write speeds on the 120GB model.

* Seagate Momentus XT SD24 Firmware Update improves performance, noise, changes spindown timing, making Seagate's hybrid hard drive a better option than it was in the past. This firmware was released in December 2010 (over 3 months ago) so you may have already installed it. If not you should backup your data and consider installing the new firmware. If you have this drive and the new firmware didn't fix your issues see this thread. You can also read a Release Notes document but from the forum messages it appears more has changed than is documented there. Firmware SD25 is in the works (actually being tested by end users) but hasn't been released yet. Per this post you can send a PM to STX_NB (Seagate Employee) on their forum and he will email the SD25 firmware to you if you want it now before it is released.

* TechPowerUp: Single-slot, slot-powered Radeon HD 6850 Surfaces in Asia. It has no 8 pin, 6 pin, or even 4 pin power connector Does it stay under 75W? Could be converted to the most advanced under 100W silent video card with a swap of heatsinks. It appears the Colamax HD6850 1GB GDDR5 Green Edition is a similar card.

* TechPowerUp: SAPPHIRE launches HD 6950 FleX, simplifies Eyefinity for gamers by allowing the use of a HDMI port for the 3rd monitor instead of display port, so that a 3 DVI setup is possible without expensive cables or active adapters.

* CowcotLand tests 12 PSUs from 400W to 600W (Article in French) including some 80 Plus Gold & Platinum favorites. Top choices are Seasonic X460, Super Flower Golden King 550, FSP Arum 500.

* How LCD panels work by Bill Hammack aka engineerguyvideo on YouTube

* Gizmag: Silicon molecules + polyvinyl alcohol = 'First-ever' permanent anti-fog coating

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