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For those of you who constantly search for the cheapest Power Supply the Corsair CX430 was reviewed at recently.

There were errors on the Corsair product page a couple of weeks ago so if you didn't see the update I'll clarify that this PSU is NOT 80 Plus certified, has a Yate Loon sleeve bearing fan model number D12SH-12 not a ball bearing fan, and on an unrelated note the Packaging reminds me of the AMD logo color scheme. Also worth noting this should not be confused for the CX400 model SPCR reviewed in 2009 which is a higher quality PSU that is 80 Plus certified. For SPCR die hards the CX430, CX500, and CX600 in the Builder Series won't be of great interest but due to the initial error on the product page I thought it might be nice to point out the correction.

Props to Jonny for catching the errors in documentation and tearing apart this PSU for the greater good.

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