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As of today, you may notice advertisements in the pages of We have begun accepting ads from qualified sponsors in an effort to offset the costs of running a web site that reviews and tests all manner of products. The demands on our time and energy is considerable, and we have been "running in the red" since the start 4 months ago.

We are committed to keeping a sensible balance between content and advertisements by limiting the number of advertisements per page. Additionally, all sponsors of SPCR will offer products that are of interest to the Silent PC community. No Smash-the-monkey ads here! Rest assured that our sponsors are fully aware of our insistence on editorial independence: thorough, honest assessments are the very foundations of SPCR.

Finally, we have not changed our Privacy Policy: We still do not release your email address or other personally-identifiable information to any external company. We do still collect information in aggregate and supply that to our sponsors. If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please email us at [email protected].