SPCR featured in Vancouver paper, The Georgia Straight

A while ago, someone suggested contacting Dave Watson, the tech columnist at a local paper (in Vancouver, BC, Canada where I live), to see if he'd write up something about SPCR, maybe bring more exposure to the site. So I did, an interview ensued, and here's the result in the Georgia Straight.

About the paper: "Established as the lifestyle and entertainment weekly in Vancouver for over 30 years, the Georgia Straight is an integral part of the active urban West Coast lifestyle with a per issue readership in excess of 369,000."

The University of BC anechoic chamber student project mentioned at the end of the article is happening! I have the role of an "industry consultant" (or some such thing) for 3 final-year mechanical engineering students who are examining DC fans (noise / airflow / vibes @ various voltages) used in PCs. They are guided by Prof. Murray Hodgson, UBC's specialist in acoustics and the manager of their anechoic chamber.

I've doggedly pursued this one for most of 2002. Finally! Thankfully, some corporate sponsors have promised support for this project by way of funds as well as equipment and materials. Naturally, results from this project will be published here at SPCR on an ongoing basis.