"Thermotunneling": A New Cooling Technology from Cool Chips

From the company's press release, dated May 14, 2002--

Cool Chips plc (COLCF) said that its Cool Chips(TM), wafer-thin discs designed to produce cooling or refrigeration more efficiently than any competing technology, use quantum mechanical electron tunneling as the primary cooling mechanism. The Cool Chip(TM) is one of the first transformative technologies to emerge from the nanotechnology revolution. The Cool Chip(TM) technology could eventually replace nearly every existing form of cooling, air conditioning, and thermal management. Prototype devices are being shown publicly for the first time at the Nanotech Planet Conference in San Jose, California, that begins today.

Cool Chips will be more than adequate for cooling the next generation of microprocessors, which will produce upwards of 100 watts of heat per square centimetre. Cool Chips are currently in development, and it is expected to take over a year to complete prototypes which demonstrate high output and efficiency.