JMC’s new 92x32mm Single-Fan Cooling Solution

JMC Products, a manufacturer of thermal cooling solutions, today introduced the 9232-12V DC fan, designed to cool an entire computer chassis. The 9232-12V has been effectively applied with a passive heatsink and baffling system to direct air through the heatsink and out of a dual or single processor workstation. The fan can also cool power supplies in a similar method.

The 9232-12V can be thermally controlled for low noise (20 dBA) at low speed. Consuming little power at high speed, it cools a system with an impressive 82 CFM, running at 4000 RPM. (But not quietly at that speed!) Available now for OEM & dstributors in low, medium and high speeds at $5 to $6 depending on features, speed, and quantities. For more info, visit