Serial ATA benefits for PC Heat/Noise

We've reported here on Seagate's Serial ATA Barracuda hard drives, but given scant attention to the benefits of the new interface. Dell provides a good overview of these benefits, which includes:

- backward compatibility with ATA
- higher potential dtata flow rates (150~600MB/sec)
- low cost
- improved data bobustness

For PC silencers, however, the single most interesting aspect of Serial ATA is the replacement of "the wide Parallel ATA ribbon cable with a thin, flexible cable that can be up to 1 meter in length."

It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to consider what this means:

- Less cable clutter, leading to improved airflow and reduced air turbulence noise.
- The option to place hard drives in an external case optimized for low noise and good cooling (without spending an arm and a leg on external USB drives), which would also have the benefit of lowering the total heat in the main CPU box.

We're already working on our external drive caddy. :)