AMD Thoroughbred "B" Catches P4, Runs Cooler?

Stories today in virtually all the major hardware sites about the new Thoroughbred "B" XP 2400+ and 2600+ restablish AMD as the speed holder in the processor race against archrival Intel. The new XP models are faster, more overclockable and produce less heat per clock cycle than the first Thoroughbreds. The higher efficiency was apparently achieved by moving to 9 layers of interconnects (from 7) and copper (instead of aluminum). The XP2100+ at 1800MHz produces 67.9W, almost exactly the same as the 68.3W of the new 2600+ running 333MHz faster!

Still, the CPU surface is 40% smaller than with the earlier Paomino XP, and there is no helpful heat spreader as in the Intel Pentium 4 and the coming AMD Hammer.