Scoop on VIA's next gen mini-ITX: multimedia-rich EPIA-M

VIA will soon be releasing a new generation of mini-ITX boards called the EPIA M -- 'M' for multimedia. Preliminary tips suggest that "this new EPIA M series is a Babe!"

The CLE266 chipset apparently makes a huge difference for DVD playback. Basically it's the same marvelously tiny layout as the current boards (one of which we reviewed back in May), but with USB2.0, 1394, smooth DVD playback, a better TV out, LAN, DDR266 and 6 channel surround sound. It also has better graphics than the Trident Blade on the PLE133. In short, it addresses all the shortcomings of the current EPIA for home PCs.

EPIA M sounds perfect for the role of living room entertainment center PC being pushed by Microsoft (and Intel) these days -- and can easily be packaged into a virtually silent case. EPIA M boards are scheduled to be shown at the VIA Technology Forum in Taipei this year (October 8-9, 2002).