Interesting reader submissions

Aike sends in news of Xbit Labs' coverage of the new Shuttle XPC SB51G barebones PC featuring i845GE core-logic that can take advantage of the Hyper-Threading technology provided by the latest Pentium 4 3.06GHz CPU.
Mikell tells us about a new Goldenfield atx power supply with a single 120mm fan that looks like a cool and quiet power supply. It certainly has potential, with the huge fan and wide open vent.
And Rick was wandering around the Castronic web site and found a new mini-itx case, mini CheckerCube-129, with 2.6"x 8.5"x 9.7" (tiny) dimensions. There are vent holes punched all around the unit. which is designed for fanless operation. Looks promising, but does require a slim CD and a slim hard drive.