New Nehemiah core in 1GHz VIA C3 & EPIA M10000

VIA has announced a new core for the C3 processor, dubbed Nehemiah, now at 1GHz. VIA claims that when coupled with the VIA Apollo CLE266 chipset, the new C3 delivers better performance over the current Ezra-T C3 core -- up to 20% in office apps and 73% for 3D graphics. Nehemiah C3 also runs "up to 40% faster clock-for-clock than the Intel P4 Celeron." Power dissipation is still extremely low at just 11.25W max. The 1G Nehemiah C3 is already available at US$45 in wholesale volume.

A 1GHz Nehemiah is featured in a pre-production EPIA M10000 mini-ITX board currently on the SPCR test bench. It does have more juice than the 67 MHz clock boost over the EPIA M9000 would suggest. More on the M10000 soon.

Good news for silencers BTW: The new board also features a slightly larger heatsink than the one on the EPIA 800 & M9000 -- and a new quiet fan that sounds about half as loud. It measures 24-25 dBA @ 1 m, about 8-9 dBA less than on the M9000. This new fan looks like it will be used for all fanned EPIA boards from now on.