Seagate "Momentus" - silent notebook HDD

In a news release dated 16 June 2003, Seagate announced the new Momentus hard drive, the first notebook HDD (2.5" form factor) to offer 5400-rpm performance and optional 8-Mbyte cache with power consumption comparable to current mainstream 4200-rpm notebook drives. Specifications for the new Momentus, which is already shipping to large corporate clients in 20G and 40G capacity (single platter for either size), show maximum power consumption of just 2.4W! Its noise ratings are on par with or better than the Barracuda IV single platter HDDs. Depending on pricing and availability, these may become popular in PCs other than notebooks -- small form factor desktops and other miniatures that are all the rage. This is Seagates first entry into the notebook market.