Quiet PC Primer at Overclockers.com

Overclockers.com has posted an article called "Step-by-Step: Building a Quiet PC From The Ground Up" by Chris McQuistion. It's his second article in a series of 3 on building quiet systems. The first was about an AMD dualie, this one is about a single CPU system. This installment and the original are both good, though much of it has already been covered extensively here at SPCR. What is significant that the article is in Overclockers.com, which has traditionally valued computing speed & power (at min cost) over all other issues. Expanding the audience for quiet computing will help the cause.

A few quibbles:
- Reliance on storagereview.com's HDD's noise data due to their questionable "nearfield" approach
- Quiet PSU choice limited to a single recommendation
- No clear acknowledgement of SilentPCReview as an info reference source.