Hush ATX: P4 & AGP in stylish silence

Hush Technologies have done it again. At Computex in Taiwan last week, the people that brought you the stylish and quiet Hush mini-ITX PC unveiled a new snazzy PC with a distinctive family resemblance: The Hush ATX. Available in MediaServer and standard desktop configurations, this completely fanless PC features Pentium P4-478 motherboards with VIA or Intel chipsets. ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX boards can be accommodated. Video can be handled by on-board or normal AGP slot VGA cards. The Hush ATX bring Pentium 4 and AGP video power to the silent sector with the most stylish presentation yet to be seen

One exciting aspect of their design is a completely fanless 240W full ATX 2.03 standard Auto-switching 90-250VAC power supply with a very high >82% efficiency! Though the technical details are not fully explained, one would have to guess that one side heatsink cools the PSU while the other cools the CPU, likely by using heatpipes to transfer the heat. Very nicely executed & extremely cool. We'll have to beg for a review sample. The Hush ATX brochure is downloadable here.