AMD's new AM2 platform launched

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Fifteen processors were launched on the new AM2 platform by AMD today, ranging from the new flagship FX-62 at $1031 all the way down to a $77 Sempron 3000+. The official announcement is in AMD's web press room, but news, reports and reviews of the AM2 processors and platform are all over the web; a few of the sites are linked below. AMD's PR department made sure that all the popular hardware review sites obtained samples of FX-62 or X2 5000+ processors along with a new Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard with the new nForce 590 chipset, and Corsair 1066MHz DDR2 RAM.

SPCR was one of the chosen recipients, and we've decided to wait a little longer for samples of the low power processor models announced last week, along with another AM2 board or two to test and compare both CPU and platform power efficiency against the competition, including earlier AMD processors and platforms. We firmly believe that performance measurements without regard to power efficiency belong in the past.

In the meanwhile, just a few of the many sites with reviews of AM2... AMDZone, Bjorn3D, DailyTech, DriverHeaven, Guru3D, HardOCP, HotHardware, HWSecrets, Hexus, PCModdingMy, PC Perspective, PCPop, Phoronix, Planet3DNow, T-Break, Viperlair and XbitLabs.

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