Black Antec P180 & P150 Cases and Updates

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Antec is well known for producing some of the most acoustically advanced enclosures around. In fact, Mike Chin, SPCR's editor, has twice collaborated with Antec to create the P180 and the NSK2400 — both of which incorporate low noise design features based on tried-and-true SPCR knowledge. Another Antec case, the P150, features drive suspension to reduce vibration induced drive noise — only one of two cases that we know of to do so, the other being the smaller Arctic Cooling Silentium T2.

Antec also maintains a strong presence in the SPCR forums, which means that suggestions and criticisms made by forum members get taken seriously and occasionally make their way into Antec's finished products. Antec's silence-oriented products have not been without teething problems, so we are glad to see that several common complaints about the P150 and P180 cases have been addressed in the latest revisions of the products.

For the P180, these changes are marked by the release of an all-black model to the general public (originally, an SPCR-branded version with limited availability was the only black option). Some of the changes are quite significant, and have affected our original take on the case. The noisy VGA duct is gone, and several smaller issues have also been fixed. The changes apply to both the Silver and Black versions of the case. Read all about it in the postscript to the P180 Review, Part II: The Whole Nine Yards.

The Antec P180 has seen quite a few changes over the past year.

The P150 also has a new black version, this one called the SOLO. Like the latest P180, it incorporates suggestions from SPCR members that help differentiate it from the original P150. It also comes with updated elastic rings that are no longer likely to snap under long-term use (the new rings are also included in the latest version of the P150). Details can be found in the postscript to the P150 Review.

The Antec SOLO is a P150 in a black disguise.

New Antec Case Revisions


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