Early Snow Blankets Vancouver

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It's not our typical news... but worthy of note as it's happening in SPCR's home city: This is the earliest big snowfall I've seen in 25 years of living in Vancouver. Started yesterday afternoon; 20-30cm predicted by the end of today. Disastrous for the homeless and traffic (street and air); great for kids and skiers. It sure makes things quiet. ;)

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The residents of this nearby cemetery have a fresh new snowy view of Vancouver's north shore mountains.

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Two days after the snow began falling, most of Vancouver was covered with about a foot of snow.

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Less than 24 hours after it began falling, the view from SPCR labs was dramatically changed.

Now, on Tuesday, we are apparently "into the deep freeze", have -15°C to -20°C with the wind chill, and another 10cm of snow is expected tomorrow night. Click on read more for more photos

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