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Internet News

Perennial SPCR favourite Scythe showed off a couple of new heatsinks; a cut-down version of the Ninja and a novel cooler called the Kama Cross (which hasn't shown up on their English site yet.)

Cooler Master showcased a slew of new products, including their massive entry into the passive VGA cooling market.

OCZ, not content with the performance of their Vindicator, was exhibiting an improved model.

In addition to a slew of new graphics card coolers, Zalman announced updates to their Totally Noiseless series of cases.

AnandTech has the scoop on Hitachi's latest drive- both their largest and their least noisy to date.

Nexus announced a series of power supplies, claiming an ISO-certified noise level of 18.4 dB(A).

Thermalright, despite lacking a presence at the show itself, was hardly idle. The IFX-14 CPU cooler appears to be their most "extreme" yet, with room for two 140mm fans. On the other end of the spectrum, the Ultima 90, a little brother of the Ultra-120 Extreme recently featured in this space, was leaked to a member of OCForums- their test results are promising.