Introducing Eco PC Review

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Eco PC Review is a new web site dedicated to bringing news, information and analysis to educate people about the environmental impact of computers. This is an issue that is not widely understood, and we are only just beginning to get an inkling of what all those electronic thinking machines might be doing to the environment. A majority of people in the developed world are computer users and the ubiquity of computers is almost complete, yet the questions about their eco-footprint are only beginning to be asked. There is much to be learned and solved.

EPCR has an activist, user-centric, and practical focus in achieving its mission. This is as much for the benefit of the audiences as for its staff: The writers, editors, researchers and other contributors who bring you Eco PC Review, are keenly interested in finding out more about the issues around computers and the environment, and ways to deal with them.

The Green Computing forum at SPCR.