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Hush Mini-ITX PC Acoustics Report

Hush Technologies announces the availability of an Acoustics report for the Hush Mini ITX. The ISO 7779 / 3744 sound power tests were conducted by the Acoustics & Noise Research Group of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, working together with Silent PC Review.

The report confirms clearly the low noise claim for the Hush Mini ITX PC. At idle, sound power measured just 2.7 Bel or 19.3 dBA at operator position (0.5 meter from unit on table). This is simply the noise of the Seagate Barracuda IV hard drive in the Hush Mini ITX. Please visit to view the full report.

Some notes from Hush Technologies:

1) M10000 is now the base config
2) A DVD-R (dvd writer) version is being launched
3) 2.5" drives are now offered as an option -- although more expensive, it is quieter than the 3.5" Barracuda

Logic Supply and remain the resellers of Hush Mini ITX.

Review: ECS EZ-Buddie SFF PC

Complete|Mobile Systems
The ECS EZ-Buddie is a unique, stylish SFF PC with an interesting mix of features, including only 80mm fans in its main case, unlike many small systems that use tiny whiny fans. It also offers a 6-in-1 card reader, front panel CPU clock speed control, and an external power box... that is its acoustic Achilles heel.

Tiny P4-2.8 Stealth Computer

Stealth Computer Corporation, a Toronto-based manufacturer of specialized computers and peripherals, have recently introduced the LPC-401, an Intel P4-based small form computer system that is part of Stealth’s growing family of LittlePCs. Housed in a rugged extruded aluminum enclosure this powerful & versatile machine runs a 2.8GHz processor and yet measures only 10" x 5.8" x 2.8" (about the size of a hard cover novel), and offers characteristics that have only been available in traditional bulky desktop PCs.

Zalman's Fanless Case?

Details of a completely new cool & silent case from Zalman have appeared recently on the Japanese site The photos show the model designation TNN500A and the phrase "For Totally No Noise Computer" over a large case that appears to act as as a heatsink for internal components. It looks quite possible that this product is the realization of the 3D computer-generated images shown on this "Future Products" Deltron page. Projected price? A thread at mentions 150,000 yen (~US$1,260) but it is probably a conjecture. No direct word from Zalman as of yet.

Summer 2003 Promotional Giveaway

Silent PC Review, in cooperation with Sponsors Noiseblocker USA, ExoticPC, and Seasonic Electronics USA, is conducting a Summer Promotional Giveaway of fabulous prizes for quiet computing. The total value of prizes exceeds US$1000! Don't miss your chance to win!

Seasonic Super Silencer 400 - ATX12V 1.3


It's evolutionary, but its performance is such that it almost seems revolutionary: A true 78% efficient PSU with Active PFC from Seasonic with extras at a relatively modest $99. ATX12V v1.3 compliant, cool and quiet in real applications, and very powerful. The Seasonic Super Silencer 400 looks like a winner from every angle.

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Intel's ATX12V 1.3 PSU noise spec!

In June, when news about the ATX12V 1.3 Power Supply Design Guide was posted in SPCR's Recommended PSUs, I failed to notice a most important change in section 5 of the Guide on environmental factors: Section 5.7 on page 54 covers Acoustics!

The guideline calls for a maximum sound power level no greater than 4 Bels at 50% load under well defined conditions. This is "for power supplies designed for low noise". Four bels is not exactly whisper quiet, but it is a good starting point, and Intel's inclusion of this definition is very good news for silent PC enthusiasts. The full text of section 5.7 is now available in the Recommended PSUs page.

Ron's Water Cooled HDD Silencing Enclosure

Ron Wlock's first major DIY PC project was the design and construction of what is probably the world's biggest passively cooled radiator for his water cooled computer system. Ron's latest project extends that water cooling system to his hard drive while insulating its noise. His successful project is fully detailed in this well-documented article: The HDD temps & noise achieved will amaze & perhaps inspire.

Samsung ML-2150 Laser Printer

The Samsung ML-2150 is the second printing device to be submitted for review, another substantial no-nonsense business machine. It's bit quieter than the Samsung multifunction reviewed a couple weeks ago; still not silent in idle, only in sleep. But it is a super-capable laser printer with automatic double sided printing. That makes the Samsung ML-2150 worthy of modding for silence! For US$400, it seems amazing.

Review: Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Pro TC

Another cooler reviewed for the hot summer, this time a brand new thermally controlled HSF for P4-478 from Arctic Cooling. Inexpensive and effective, fine attention to details, great for those seeking simplicity and not cutting-edge performance.

Review: Kamakaze HSF by Scythe

The Kamakaze CPU heatsink by Scythe in Japan is an unusual product, offered as a complete package with 80mm fan and manual speed controller. With a strong resemblance to Alpha heatsinks, the Kamakaze seems to have been designed from the ground up for "native" compatibility as a socket-478 or socket-A/370 cooler. Read the review.

Review: Zalman 7000-Cu / AlCu CPU Heatsink

An extensive review of the Zalman CNPS7000-Cu and -AlCu, the current top of Zalman's extensive P4 cooler line. They depart from the last generation of Zalman's top P4 coolers from by being radial rather than "fanned", and by having an integrated fan rather than one on an extended overhead bracket. How quiet and how cool?

Review: Nexus KCZ-2700 CPU Cooler

A review of the KCZ-2700 MS / LS socket-A heatsink from Nexus, the people who brought you quiet PSUs. Thin aluminum fins soldered to a nickel-plated copper base plate, a slim 60mm fan and a handy 6-lug mounting clip: Is this HSF a quiet champ?