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Review: Thermalright ALX-800 AlCu hybrid cooler

The Thermalright ALX-800 is their first aluminum/copper hybird CPU cooler since their highly popular now discontinuedAX-7. It seems to be modeled on their successful SLK-800 copper cooler. Does the ALX-800 meet the high standard Thermalright have set for themselves?

AcoustiPack Precut Case Damping Kit

Acousti Products is now offering precut damping panel kits for specific PC cases. We take another look at an AcoustiPack PC noise damping kit - custom fitted for the AMD3700/Compucase 6A19.

Review: Intel's "High-End" P4 Cooler

How does the copper-based heatsink/fan supplied with Intel's higher speed P4s compare against the aftermarket leaders like Thermalright, Swiftech and Zalman? Find out in our noise / cooling performance review of Intel's "high end" P4 cooler.

ARM Systems StealthPC P4-3.2 Powerhouse

Complete|Mobile Systems
ARM Systems provides us with a powerhouse "StealthPC" review sample loaded to the gills: A P4-3.2 HT CPU, high bandwidth dual-channel memory sticks, SATA RAID-0, a heatpipe-cooled ATI-9800XT VGA card, the top SB Audigy 2ZS sound card, a sleeper mid-tower case with thermally controlled dual 120mm fans and much more. Is it quiet? Our latest prebuilt system review tells all.

News from TranquilPC in the UK

David from TranquilPC sent over an email of news about their company and their continuing development of fanless PCs. It will be of interest to most SPCR readers. Some interesting projects should be coming from TranquilPC this year.

Antec Super Lanboy

Antec's Super Lanboy aluminum case picks up where their Lanboy left off and adds bling in the forrm of a blue LED front 120mm fan and other goodies -- on top of real improvements that qualify it for inclusion in their "Quiet Computing" lineup. Another thorough SPCR review by Ralf, who shows LAN gamers how to wow the gang with a truly well-presented interior.

Review: Generic 3-ch Fan Controller

Every once in a while, you come across a gadget that serves a useful function, is not unattractive, and is priced low enough that you feel it justifies perfectly all the excesses of modern mass consumer society. Well, perhaps that's going a bit too far: This is a simple functional 3-channel fan controller with two USB 2.0 ports at a very nice price.

Review: Thermalright SP94, SP97 & other heavyweights

It began as a Thermalright SP94 review but soon took on a life of its own and spiralled out of control into this sprawling heatsink roundup involving the SP97, SLK900, and Zalman 7000A (both cu and alcu versions) on Intel P4 as well as AMD Socket-A platforms. Who's the coolest of them all? Both P4 and socket-A test platforms get updates, as well.

Nexus NX3500 120mm PSU

Nexus has had some big PSU successes with quiet PC seekers. They have a new 120mm fan 350W model. What have Nexus done this time? Our sponsor EndPCNoise sent us a sample of the Nexus NX3500 "Real Silent PSU" 350W Special Edition so we could find out in a comprehensive review.

Press Release: XICE - Watercooling for everyone

According to the manufacturer, the Xice Watercooling System combines easy installation without any modifications of the case, ultra-quiet PC operation and stylish design. Compared to other solutions which consist of several separate parts, the Xice solution uses one external cooling device. The 'ExternalCool' combines heat exchanger, pump and fluid reservoir in a designer-chassis. The pump gets its power directly from the power-supply of the PC. This ensures that the pump is always working when the PC is turned on. The set is available at for 349 Euros.

Review: FrontierPC's Silent XP2500+ system

Complete|Mobile Systems
Frontier PC in Vancouver, BC offers up their Silent XP2500+ prebuilt system for SPCR's scrutiny. A value system by one of the few Canadian stores that sells a complete quiet PC, this ones uses the boldly styled Chenbro Xpider case. Check out our review of the Frontier PC Silent XP2500+ system.

Review: Swiftech MCX462-V for Socket A

Russ tackles the MCX462-V, a clear continuation of classic Swiftech heatsink design: Thick copper base with helicoid aluminum pins press fitted into the base. But as with the MCX478-V, the P4 counterpart recently reviewed by Ralf Hutter, this Socket-A heatsink is designed "to optimize cooling at air flow levels as low as 22CFM and 23dbA." Our MCX462-V review shows you how well Swiftech has achieved its goal.

Antec P160 aluminum case

The just-released Antec P160 "Performance One Super mid-tower" aluminum case is anticipated with a great deal of excitment over its bold appearance and Antec's promotion, which promises "mind-numbing performance." We got the jump on even the overclocking and gaming web sites on this one: Our review of an early production sample of Antec's new case, with detailed noise analysis as usual in our reviews, appears to be the first posted anywhere on the web. Here is our comprehensive Antec P160 case review.

Fong Kai FK330 mid tower case

It's raining case reviews at SPCR! Russ tackles a new mid-tower case from Fong Kai called the FK-330. Weighing in at 32 lbs, it qualifies as a heavyweight, being some 50% bigger than similar size offerings from Antec, Chenbro and Evercase. The Fong Kai FK-330 is a modern case that -- as you'll see in Russ's thorough review -- takes a big shot at the title of the most open airflow mid-tower case available.

Mikhailtech adopts a Solarism gaming LCD monitor

Mikhail examines a LCD monitor from Solarism said to have a 16ms response rate (compared to 25ms of most) and marketed to gamers. "After months of prolonged use," he says, "I can't see myself going back to CRT, not even my 21" Trinitron." Thems fightn' words for some folks!