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Our second multiple fan controller review is on the Zalman ZM-MFC1, a fairly sophisticated, capable device. How does it compare to the buget-priced Sunbeam Rheobus?...

Quiet Computing from VIA

VIA Technologies has just created an entire new section on their website dedicated specifically to "Quiet Computing from VIA." Sub-pages and PDF downloadables on relevant topics make it one of the most comprehensive noise/silence related web resources by any PC company:

  • Why is Noise a Problem?
  • How PC Noise Affects You
  • Noise Matters
  • Noise, Computing and VIA (white paper)
  • An Introduction to Measuring PC Noise
  • SPCR had a hand in this: The last two downloadable PDF articles are by yours sincerely.

    VIA Arena, which is VIA's tech support portal, also has a new article about PC noise related stress. Altogether, these new pages represent a major positioning statement and a deeper commitment to the Quiet PC for VIA, one that may augur increased development on the quiet front, not only from VIA but also from their partners, and from competitors who don't want to miss out on new markets.

    Review: Simple Fan Controllers by Zalman

    Simple fan speed controllers are basic building blocks for PC silencers. Zalman has been the greatest innovator in this unglamorous product category. An examination of three simple, inexpensive and very useful fan controllers from Zalman.

    Review: Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller

    Part one of a roundup of multiple fan controllers is on the Sunbeam Rheobus, a very inexpensive yet capable device. Look for part 2 on the Zalman multi-fan controller in the next few days.

    The Silent PC has a new address

    Tomas Risberg wrote to say that his landmark site, The Silent PC, has been moved to a new domain: All silent PC enthusiasts should update their bookmarks. SPCR's has already been updated (in

    SPCR Folding@Home breaks 150 rank!

    Just barely more than a month after we began our own Folding@Home team, we are up to the 148th spot on the multi-thousand-long roster with only 46 members! Join our 24/7 unobtrusive computing team. Donate your untapped computer power to our distributed computing effort: Help us break 100 by April's end!

    Our team number is 31574. Click here for team stats. Setting up your computer to fold is easy.

    Verax has a new Pentium 4 cooler

    Verax has a new cooler for Pentium 4 over 2.8GHz. The new P16Cu is constructed like the P14Cu. It has an aluminum-heatsink with a thin copper layer (applied with gas-dynamic-spraying). Another 3mm thick copper layer is soldered on this first layer. WIth this technique it is possible to combine aluminum and copper on a metallic basis. Like all other Verax products the new P16cu is very quiet. More info at