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Antec True380S (Sonata) PSU

Antec, the biggest case & PSU brand in the US, moves towards quiet computing with the new Sonata case and True 380S power supply. Piano black finish, noise-reduced PSU, 120mm case fan, unique case flow, grommets for HDD mounting -- how do they all add up? A 2-for-1 review: Antec Sonata Case / PSU and Antec True 380S PSU ...

Review: HighPower HPC-300-102 PSU

This non-descript PSU from High Power (Sirtec) was apparently ranked #2 for low noise in a roundup of 18 competitors by CT Magazine in Germany earlier this year. How does the HPC-300-102 fare on the SPCR test bench?

Antec TrueControl 550 PSU

The as-yet unreleased Antec TrueControl 550 is a perfect PSU for overclockers obsessed with control and a need for very high power. It has every control tool you can think of and the ability to deliver huge amounts of tightly voltage-regulated power. Is it a good choice for the quiet computing enthusiast? Read our comprehensive review.

Review: Heavyweight P4 Heatsink Roundup

The Zalman 6500Cu and 6500AlCu, the Thermalright AX478 and the stock Intel P4 HSF are reviewed with a quiet, low airflow Panaflo, using our "compare-heatsinks-not-fans" approach. Again, reduced airflow testing of heatsinks provides some surprises. Our first P4 HS roundup review.

Plasmic COCOON Noise-reduction PC cabinet

Attractive (but big) tower PC cabinets by new startup Plasmic described as "revolutionary PC furniture, designed to bring unmatched noise reduction, physical protection of the PC, and unique aesthetics to the modern office environment." A new stylish and secure variation on the old box-it-to-shut-it-up idea. Shipping weight could be a cost issue, especially from Denmark to anywhere outside of Europe.

ViaArena reviews the EPIA-M

"So far I have been unable to enjoy these audio and video files in the comfort of the living room... I don't want a big noisy PC whirring away in the living room." So Fiona built a complete, compact media PC with EPIA M, G-Alantic case, and ATI Remote Wonder.

Nexus NX-3000 PSU

From the people who brought you Q-Technology comes a new PSU called the Nexus NX-3000. The new model is claimed to be 5(!!) dBA quieter than the quietest fan-equipped ATX/PS2 power supplies. Yet with high efficiency and fan intelligence, it is supposed to stay cool with good airflow under high loads. We agree. It's the quietest fan-cooled PSU we've encountered to date, and it delivers power with aplomb.

Review: STEALTH XP2000+ PC by ARM Systems

Complete|Mobile Systems
SilentPCReview's first system review, an XP2000+ based model from ARM Systems in California. The quiet PC market is still mostly dominated by component makers and marketers; there are only a handful of quiet system integrators. With 3 years of experience selling noise-reduced systems, ARM is a veteran. If you'd rather avoid the hassles of DIY and have a real warranty with onsite service, a custom-configured Stealth PC by ARM Systems (1.7 to 2.8 GHz models, P4 & XP) is definitely worth considering.

Interesting reader submissions

Aike sends in news of Xbit Labs' coverage of the new Shuttle XPC SB51G barebones PC featuring i845GE core-logic that can take advantage of the Hyper-Threading technology provided by the latest Pentium 4 3.06GHz CPU.
Mikell tells us about a new Goldenfield atx power supply with a single 120mm fan that looks like a cool and quiet power supply. It certainly has potential, with the huge fan and wide open vent.
And Rick was wandering around the Castronic web site and found a new mini-itx case, mini CheckerCube-129, with 2.6"x 8.5"x 9.7" (tiny) dimensions. There are vent holes punched all around the unit. which is designed for fanless operation. Looks promising, but does require a slim CD and a slim hard drive.

Review: 2nd Gen Mini-ITX - VIA EPIA-M9000

The EPIA-M series, driven by the new VIA CLE266 chipset, is designed to tackle a different market segment than the original EPIA series. The video, audio and I/O enhancements in this second generation Mini-ITX board allows VIA to position the EPIA-M series for a home entertainment PC. Does it meet VIA's objectives? Is it quiet? Does it really work as an entertainment PC?

Review: Blast off with Cenatek's Rocket Drive

The Rocket Drive, a PCI card with SDRAM that emulates a hard drive, is an exciting product for anyone seeking high performance computing. For the silent PC enthusiast, what's really interesting is that this product accelerates system speed without adding any noise. Our detailed review of Cenatek's Rocket Drive.

Mini-ITX pc in a scanner

When my associate Marien contacted VIA to do an ITX mod, I had no idea that the job would fall into my lap. Over the last month I have seen Gas Cans, ETs’ and various other “non- computer” items get molested (I can only imagine the pain that ET went through) and turned into computers (check out What I have done is brought the computer back to the computer, so to speak. What you will see in the next horde of pics is what I call, The scannerPC.

AOpen's "SilentTek: mobo-embedded system noise controller

Just when it looked like the big boys in the PC industry would never get the quiet PC thing, comes this news about Silent Tek from AOpen: There are 4 CPU fan noise reduction algorithms, and one CDROM noise control function. At low power, "you may find your CPU fan is almost always running at zero RPM." This promising feature is on the "new generation" of AOpen motherboards.

Silent Tek works with SilentBIOS on "some" AOpen motherboards, which passes fan control over to Silent Tek after boot. After a few weeks of frustration with less sophisticated motherboard-embedded fan control functions from other companies, we await eagerly for some AOpen samples to review!

Next: "Muffled" High Performance Computing

Not silent or quiet, but muffled. (That's probably the best overclocking fanatics can hope for!) Seriously, "Muffled Computing of San Jose, CA is announcing the release of their new fan mufflers and foam kits designed specifically to create a high performance computing experience free of excess noise." They look like well-built little add-on metal boxes, lined with damping, to act as vent tunnels or mufflers for fain exhaust. 5-15 dBA noise reduction with less than 1% increase in temp is claimed. Check out Muffled Computing.

Review: Temp-controlled Coolers by Arctic Cooling & Spire


Temperature controlled fans on heatsinks are more commonplace than you think: did you know that the stock Intel P4 HSF is thermally controlled? Temperature controlled HSF have the potential to cool effectively and quietly, but few hardware reviewers take any serious notice. Is it because they don't work? We examine two inexpensive models and find them very different. One is a bargain winner. Find out which one and why in SPCR's second heatsink review.