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Review: Simple Fan Controllers by Zalman

Simple fan speed controllers are basic building blocks for PC silencers. Zalman has been the greatest innovator in this unglamorous product category. An examination of three simple, inexpensive and very useful fan controllers from Zalman.

Review: Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller

Part one of a roundup of multiple fan controllers is on the Sunbeam Rheobus, a very inexpensive yet capable device. Look for part 2 on the Zalman multi-fan controller in the next few days.

The Silent PC has a new address

Tomas Risberg wrote to say that his landmark site, The Silent PC, has been moved to a new domain: All silent PC enthusiasts should update their bookmarks. SPCR's has already been updated (in

TechTV segment on quiet PCs

From the TechTV show notes for March 27, 2003: "I want to watch movies and listen to music on my computer, but my noisy, overclocked, highly cooled rig drowns out my speakers. There's no reason I can't have a silent PC. Many companies make good, quiet products, from silent CPU coolers to whisper-quiet case fans. On today's show I build a silent computer case with a bunch of these products. " Check out the full article & video.

Verax 300W PSU

Verax, a German company whose main claim to fame is its unique fan, offers the F300PPFC-80KP, yet another modded Fortron PSU in the tradition of Q-Technology, Zalman, PC Power & Cooling and Nexus. Does its special fan make this PSU truly special? Find out in another comprehensive SPCR PSU review -- now with Power Factor measurements.