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Quiet CoolerMaster HSF reviews at

German silent hardware website looks at 2 new quiet HSF's from CoolerMaster. What's really interesting is that they take noise measurements and find both comparable in cooling and noise to a Thermalright AX-7.

Cooler Master Aero 7 ASB-V73
Coolermaster Aero Cool Deep Impact DP-101


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Katana's Mean Machine: Quieter than a Fish Tank

Do-It-Yourself Systems
James, a.k.a. Katana Man, recently assembled a new system with some of the latest and greatest components for silent PC enthusiasts. The foundation was a D8000 mid-tower case from Coolcases, modded even more with E.A.R fan grommets and AcoustiPack panel damping. Other components included a new 120mm fan Fortron PSU, Thermalright SLK-900U, Zalman ZM-MFC1 multi-fan controller and a BIT Micro Solid State Hard Drive. The result is a speedy system whose noise level is so low that his "fish tank and flourecent lights are starting to bug" him.

Review: VIA EPIA M w/ new Nehemiah core

SPCR's review of a pre-production 1 GHz VIA EPIA-M10000 Mini-ITX board with the new Nehemiah C3 core. Ten thousand is the next step after M9000, the last released EPIA board reviewed here late last year. It is more than a marginal clock speed upgrade, says VIA. Our sample turns out to run at 933 MHz, so we had a head-to-head between Nehemiah and Ezra-T at the same speed.

Antec SLK3700 mid-tower Case

The photos of Ralf Hutter's PIII-S file server drew a great deal of attention when linked in the gallery section of the SPCR Forums, due to the unique folding technique Ralf employed to tidy the interior and maximize airflow. Here is Ralf's review of his favorite case, used for his server, the Antec Solution Series SLK3700.

Come join SilentPCReview's Stanford [email protected] Effort

It's time that we silent pc enthusiasts help to propel cancer research. Not only is it a good cause, [email protected] can really let our pc's show their true strength: 24/7 unobtrusive computing. Donate your untapped computer power to our distributed computing effort!

Our team number is 31574. Click here for our team stats page. Setting your computer up your computer is easy. Click here for setup information & help.

Hush Technologies Silent Mini-ITX PC: WOW!

Hush Technologies' new Silent Mini-ITX PC will be launched in Hanover, Germany at CeBIT 2003 on Wednesday. It looks for all the world like a miniature high end stereo amplifier, or a smaller sleeker version of the Signum Data Future Client.

The first of a family of products designed to solve the issue of noise, the Hush Mini-ITX PC sports a custom built CPU & Northbridge heat-sink linked directly to the side of the finned chassis, bringing passive (totally silent) cooling to any EPIA motherboards. It looks like heat pipes may be used for heat transfer.

Hush PC Systems will be fully configurable with a choice of case colour, motherboard, memory, hard drive and several CD/DVD drive options. OEM customers will be able to further tailor their systems with custom chassis colours and front and rear panel designs. Mini-ITX is the exclusive UK dealer.

New steel offers better soundproofing

Silent PC DIY'ers do this by lining the inside of our cases with acoustic dampening material, but now MSC Laminates has developed a steel that has the dampening built-in. Not likely any retail availability, but it's worth making it a feature request for future cases and hard drives, isn't it?

Review: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 HDD by Dru

Latest SPCR author Dru reviews the new Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 drive by comparing it against a well known silent drive, namely the Seagate Barracuda IV, now some 18 months "old": A noise and performance contest between generations. Does one sweep both categories?

Zalman's new ZM-MFC1 multi-fan controller

We at SPCR just knew it was coming! Zalman's ZM-MFC1 multi-fan controller muscles into the fray. Six independent fan voltage control channels, 4 with rotary knobs and 2 with simple 12/5V switches. The minimum voltage for the 4 rotary control channels appears to be below 3.5V - perhaps a bit too low for nephytes but probably welcomed by diehard silencers (like... Gxcad).

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 Reviewed at StorageReview

SR reviews the 60GB, 68GB and 80GB/platter versions of the Maxtor DM+9. According to their review, they all offer competitive performance. But what's this about their different noise levels? 3.5dB and a low-pitched hum separate the loudest from the quietest.

Sonata in 8-case shootout

A review of cases on Extreme Tech, includes the Antec Sonata. They like it.,3973,904339,00.asp"

Speech Recognition Demands Quiet Computers

The Silent Front
It's an application that I've never considered before, but it is a natural for quiet computing. Speech recognition veteran Mark Pearson shares some insights about quiet computing and speech recognition that he has gleaned over the years. He gives us a few more good reasons to keep pursuing the silent grail.

Review: Thermalright SLK-900U Heatsink

Thermalright's new SLK-900U cooler works with both P4-478 and Socket-A motherboards. We eschew the monster 92x38mm 110 CFM Delta fan they offer with the new flagship heatsink and see how it does with our quiet reference fan at 12, 7 and 5V. Does the SLK-900U change our rankings? In a word, yes!

Quiet Case Review at

GMCorporation, makers of the popular Noblesse case have their two new cases -- the NeoClassic and the T50 -- reviewed by What's really interesting is that the NeoClassic features 1) 1600 rpm Adda fans, 2) acoustic deadening material inside, 3) silicon vibration dampeners and 4) and a front panel ATA connector. This case should be of interest to silent pc seekers. Let's hope for wide availability!Click for review at
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