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EPIA M6000's bigger HS

Just a quick note about the VIA EPIA M6000 Mini-ITX board. It uses a 667MHz processor rather than the 933MHZ part of the M9000 reviewed, but it is the same in every other way -- except the HSF. The 9000 has a smaller HS and a fan that makes a surprising amount of noise. As you can see here, the M6000 has a larger heatsink and NO fan. This makes the M6000 a better choice for those seeking silence.

Integrated Motherboard: Athlon XP, audio, video & LAN for only $119 CAN!

Anitec, a store in Vancouver, Canada has on special a motherboard with embedded (non-removable) Athlon XP 1400+, audio, video and networking for only $119 CAN: The micro-ATX K7SEM by ECS (2nd only to ASUSTek in mobo sales). It is actually possible to build a PC for less than the now well-known walmart PC and yet have additional features like a CD-Writer.

French PC without Noise from across the Atlantic submitted a quiet PC project article. The link here is to the google translation suggested. A snippet, the last line:
All this handling has made it possible to move the noise without developing toilets cooling which can dangeureux averer and without couter much of under, right some holes in the wall and to the pieces of wood are enough.

StorageReview examines the Barracuda V SATA

It's been a long time waiting for the Serial ATA - 8MB cache version of the Seagate Barracuda V to appear. While not widely available yet, Storage Review has obtained a sample for their review. In short, the acoustics of the drive is the same as the PATA version, but performance is now quite a bit higher.

Tiny Cool & Quiet Mini-ITX gear at Vegas CES

Really spiffy, quiet little devices based mostly on VIA EPIA-M boards:

- The Panda PC from NorhTec, practically silent because it does not require a fan under normal conditions.
- Wall Mounted Panel-PC from Opus Solutions with integrated panel monitor measuring a mere 90mm deep.
- Cappuccino, the world's smallest PC at 6" x 5.75" x 2.25" and weighing less than two pounds, from Intraplex.

Ogle these visual wonders at VIA's press room.

Quiet MP Dual-CPU Workstation

Do-It-Yourself Systems
Leo Quan, a graphic designer and visual artist, tells us about his trials and tribulations with a new topic for SPCR: The challenges of cooling a dual-Athlon, dual-hard drive workstation quietly. Leo applies PC silencing concepts freely, modifying them to his needs, and goes the whole 9 yards with a slew of mods. He gets very close to his elusive goal and, in the process, comes up with an effective new silencing technique for noisy hard drives.

VIA's new Socket-370 C3M266 mainboard

VIA announces the C3M266, a highly integrated MicroATX mainboard with advanced digital media and connectivity capabilities for full-featured PCs at price points below US$400. It's designed for a combo with the VIA C3™ processor and based around the innovative new VIA Apollo CLE266 North Bridge, also used on the EPIA M Mini-ITX boards. It is like a large EPIA M, for a more conventional but still small PC, and the freedom to choose your own socket 370 CPU - which will soon be limited to VIA C3s. Integrated video, 6-ch audio, firewire, USB2, LAN, MPEG-2 decoder... but no AGP port.

SPCR Jan/03 Promo Giveaway Update

Our Jan 2003 Promotional Giveaway gets bigger: Almost 40 prizes for quiet computing now, including top low-noise PSUs, cases & HS. Considering that less than half of our ~600 members currently qualify for the draw, your chances of winning are really good! (Hint: Doublecheck the rules & your member profile to make sure you qualify!) Check the prizes and rules under Announcements in SPCR's Forums.

Power supply water cooling

A step-by-step article showing you how to water-cool a nice little QTec 550W PSU from scratch at Digital-Explosion. Basically, it involves replacing the fans / heatsinks with plates of copper. Each plate has a copper pipe soldered to it which is where the water runs to remove the heat.

Swiftech GPU Peltier reviewed by 3dXtreme

3dXtreme has a review of the Swiftech MCW50-T 80 Watt Thermoelectric GPU Peltier. "This is the Swiftech MCW50-T, the first fully assembled thermoelectric graphics card cooling unit in the world..." With GPUs rivalling CPUs for heat, water cooling and peltiers may become inevitable for anyone who wants a chance at a quiet top end computer.

Review: Zalman ZM-80 VGA Heatpipe Cooler

Our first review of 2003 is the Zalman ZM80 VGA Heatpipe Cooler, the subject of much recent discussion in our Forums. It's also our first article by new contributor Brett Wasserman, a PC engineer with over 20 years experience in the industry.

New Year Promo Giveaway!

We're kicking off the New Year with a bang: A Promotional Giveaway in Jan 2003 with lots of fabulous prizes for quiet computing. Our goal is simple: to increase SPCR traffic and to promote makers & sellers of quiet PC products. Check under Announcments in SPCR's Forums.

Review: SilentTEK - AOpen's mobo-embedded fan controller

A review to slip in under the wire in 2002. This is quite the quiet feature, everyone: a dual-fan controller with more features than even YOU've dreamed about. It makes quiet fan control a cinch even for neophytes. For now AOpen may be THE mobo for silent PCers! Check out the AOpen SilentBios/Tek - AX4GE Max motherboard review.

OCIA Review of the Swiftech H20-8500 WaterCooling Kit

OverClock Intelligence Agency has posted their review of the SwiftTech H20-8500 Series Liquid Cooling Kit. Requiring only an 80mm case exhaust fan and an empty 5 1/4"e; drive bay, the SwiftTech seems ideal for those with smaller cases. Overall, the OCIA review is positive. The SwiftTech H20-8500 looks like a promising solution for those who are seeking high performance combined with low noise.

Boxing & Watercooling to Silence

Do-It-Yourself Systems
Michael Greene first boxed and watercooled his 1.4G Athlon system, then upgraded to a XP2000+ with three 5-gallon pails of water, ran into mold, and finally found the perfect solution in an all-copper Chrysler radiator for $5 on eBay. Michael's PC watercooling and quieting story.