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PC in a Breadbox

Do-It-Yourself Systems
The marriage of a VIA EPIA 5000 Mini-ITX based system and a translucent blue breadbox from IKEA results in a small desktop PC that looks like a cousin to the iMac. Naturally it is extremely quiet, having only one fan at 4.3V (in the flex-atx Seasonic PSU) and a single platter Seagate Barracuda IV suspended with elastic. Read about the PC in a Breadbox.

Shuttle SS40G HTPC Case Mod

Anyone interested in Home Theater PCs should definitely check out this case mod that integrates a 7" widescreen LCD with a Shuttle SS40G. The resulting solution allows the HTPC to be controlled without disturbing the video to the projector, or simply to watch movies on the LCD screen itself. Very slick modification.

Shuttle SS40G hard drive quieting trick

For those people who own, or are interested in purchasing a Shuttle SS40G SFF PC, you may be interested in this description of a trick to quiet the hard drive. The author started with a Seagate Barracuda IV drive and then used credit card material in place of metal for the brackets to eliminate the metal-to-metal connection. Perhaps not as easy or clean as a decoupled hard drive, but useful for the SFF computers where space is always at a premium.

Comment on Gateway PSU shown in IDF article

Reader Vance, a PC tech in one of the Gateway Country Stores, comments on the PSU pictures in IDF, Part 1:

Since the at least the pentium 90 era Gateway has used that kind of power supply design (see here for example) on the majority of their systems. They use fairly quiet 80mm or 92mm fans and some of the earlier P2-P3 slot 1 systems had rubber fan mounts and a giant plastic shroud hanging for the bottom of the PSU that encompassed a giant fanless slot 1 heatsink.

The 700XL case pictured in the IDF article is a nice design -- nearly completely tool-less to open, with a thick plastic skin/shell so it runs fairly quiet.

Nexus NX-3000 PSU: 5 dBA quieter than the best!?

From the people who brought you Q-Technology comes a new PSU called the Nexus NX-3000. The new model is claimed to idle at 22 dBA, which they say is 5 dBA quieter than the quietest fan-equipped ATX/PS2 PSU. Yet with high efficiency and fan intelligence, it stays cool with good airflow under high loads. Review samples for SPCR are on their way; for those seeking more information now, check out the Nexus web page.

Report from San Jose: IDF Fall 2002, part 2

The Silent Front
Well, not exactly. A handful of companies Silicon Valley does not make. Still, it is probable that of all the press at IDF, Silent PC Review is the only one reporting about the State of PC Noise. Part Two of SPCR's coverage of IDF fall 2002 includes meetings and discussions with Seasonic and Molex, and offsite visits to Antec and Silicon Valley Compucycle.

Sandbagging for fun and HDD silence

A unique aluminum sandwich variation by enthusiast bluehat, with a large bag of sand below and above. I bet it does silence the drive -- heck, it's practically buried, it ought to be silent!

Unfortunately, not a solution that's practical for everyone. Most people do want their drive in the case & they may have a hard time justifying 20Kg bags of sand in their room (especially to others). The final touch of a tie-dye cloth cover may persuade, though.

Seriously, I am sure bluehat's hard drives are completely silent; mine are not. Here's a challenge: can this idea can be brought into the case?

NRF's PC made Quiet

A personal DIY page on a cooling/silencing project by reader "nrf":

"I'm really researching two topics at once at this point: cooling and quieting, and they are usually at odds with each other..." and after all the mods and changes, he's "looking forward to quiet, peaceful enjoyment of my setup!"

Scoop on VIA's next gen mini-ITX: multimedia-rich EPIA-M

VIA will soon be releasing a new generation of mini-ITX boards called the EPIA M -- 'M' for multimedia. Preliminary tips suggest that "this new EPIA M series is a Babe!"

The CLE266 chipset apparently makes a huge difference for DVD playback. Basically it's the same marvelously tiny layout as the current boards (one of which we reviewed back in May), but with USB2.0, 1394, smooth DVD playback, a better TV out, LAN, DDR266 and 6 channel surround sound. It also has better graphics than the Trident Blade on the PLE133. In short, it addresses all the shortcomings of the current EPIA for home PCs.

EPIA M sounds perfect for the role of living room entertainment center PC being pushed by Microsoft (and Intel) these days -- and can easily be packaged into a virtually silent case. EPIA M boards are scheduled to be shown at the VIA Technology Forum in Taipei this year (October 8-9, 2002).

Zalman releases the ZM80-HP and ZM50-HP

We reported on Zalman's new VGA coolers in an earlier story. Zalman's web site is now announcing that the ZM50-HP and ZM80-HP have officially been released. In related news, Zalman also announced the official release of their new CNPS 5700D-Cu Intel P4 cooler.

SPCR does IDF, Fall 2002

The Silent Front
It's the first industry event covered exclusively from the perspective of a silent PC enthusiast. With over 140 companies and 200 training sessions to consider, this PC silencer was run right off his feet. Back in the shelter of my quiet enclave, here is the first of a 2-part report on the State of PC Silence from the Fall 2002 Intel Developer Forum: SPCR does IDF.

Quieting the new dual-proc PowerMacs

Apparently, Apple's new dual-processor G4 PowerMacs are so loud that they have earned the nickname, "WindTunnel". Abbott Schindler has built a functional acoustically insulated enclosure that, according to Abbott, dampens the noise significantly. Dimensions, a parts list and photos are all included.

360 Watt Fanless ATX PSU

At this German site,, they build/sell a 360 Watt(!!) Fanless ATX PSU with Active PFC. It is a serious looking device covered with heatsinks, sort of like a macho car power amp. The bad part is that it's 295 Euro's!

Deltatronic also offer a serious liquid-cooled version of the aluminum cool & quiet drive sandwich idea written about by MikeC. Again, with grooved ribbed heatsinks on the top & bottom as well as side rails, the device looks like a high end car amp.

The site is in German; Google does an OK translation.

Sudhian Media reviews Lex System SFF PC

Sudhian Media has posted a review of the Lex System, a small form factor box utilizing chips from VIA and Intel. Because of an external power supply, these units can be run silently, especially when combined with a VIA C3 800 or similar chip. On the downside, the Lex systems require their own, proprietary FlexATX motherboards, so upgrade options are limited.