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SPCR does IDF, Fall 2002

The Silent Front
It's the first industry event covered exclusively from the perspective of a silent PC enthusiast. With over 140 companies and 200 training sessions to consider, this PC silencer was run right off his feet. Back in the shelter of my quiet enclave, here is the first of a 2-part report on the State of PC Silence from the Fall 2002 Intel Developer Forum: SPCR does IDF.

Quieting the new dual-proc PowerMacs

Apparently, Apple's new dual-processor G4 PowerMacs are so loud that they have earned the nickname, "WindTunnel". Abbott Schindler has built a functional acoustically insulated enclosure that, according to Abbott, dampens the noise significantly. Dimensions, a parts list and photos are all included.

360 Watt Fanless ATX PSU

At this German site,, they build/sell a 360 Watt(!!) Fanless ATX PSU with Active PFC. It is a serious looking device covered with heatsinks, sort of like a macho car power amp. The bad part is that it's 295 Euro's!

Deltatronic also offer a serious liquid-cooled version of the aluminum cool & quiet drive sandwich idea written about by MikeC. Again, with grooved ribbed heatsinks on the top & bottom as well as side rails, the device looks like a high end car amp.

The site is in German; Google does an OK translation.

Sudhian Media reviews Lex System SFF PC

Sudhian Media has posted a review of the Lex System, a small form factor box utilizing chips from VIA and Intel. Because of an external power supply, these units can be run silently, especially when combined with a VIA C3 800 or similar chip. On the downside, the Lex systems require their own, proprietary FlexATX motherboards, so upgrade options are limited.

NoVibes III HDD Decoupling Rack

SPCR's review of the NoVibes III hard drive decoupling bracket by, which supplier Silicon Acoustics says is "ideal for drives like the Barracuda IV whose noise is primarily vibrational in nature." A counterpoint to Smart Drive, another drive noise reduction product also sold by Silicon Acoustics and previously reviewed here.

Vantech "Stealth" 3-fan PSU: PREview

We don't usually do previews, but the Vantec rep was so insistent on a quick review that I felt compelled to give her what wanted, at least on a small scale. So here is SPCRÂ’s first preview, being written less than an hour after its delivery by UPS, and only half an hour after first powering it up on the testbench.
The accompanying photo was taken with the Vantec VAN420A in front of a mirror so that you can see it really does have three 80mm fans.

AMD Thoroughbred "B" Catches P4, Runs Cooler?

Stories today in virtually all the major hardware sites about the new Thoroughbred "B" XP 2400+ and 2600+ restablish AMD as the speed holder in the processor race against archrival Intel. The new XP models are faster, more overclockable and produce less heat per clock cycle than the first Thoroughbreds. The higher efficiency was apparently achieved by moving to 9 layers of interconnects (from 7) and copper (instead of aluminum). The XP2100+ at 1800MHz produces 67.9W, almost exactly the same as the 68.3W of the new 2600+ running 333MHz faster!

Still, the CPU surface is 40% smaller than with the earlier Paomino XP, and there is no helpful heat spreader as in the Intel Pentium 4 and the coming AMD Hammer.

VIA's Mini-ITX Projects Page now Live

VIA's Mini-ITX projects page is now live at their main web site. Some mind boggling car projects are featured -- min-itx PCs in model cars & REAL cars, the latter with flat screen monitors in the middle of the dash.

Zalman ST300BLP "Black Box PSU Mod" at

Frostytech has done a very "extreme" mod on an early model Zalman PSU. Definitely attractive, but does this help the acoustics?

Serial ATA benefits for PC Heat/Noise

We've reported here on Seagate's Serial ATA Barracuda hard drives, but given scant attention to the benefits of the new interface. Dell provides a good overview of these benefits, which includes:

- backward compatibility with ATA
- higher potential dtata flow rates (150~600MB/sec)
- low cost
- improved data bobustness

For PC silencers, however, the single most interesting aspect of Serial ATA is the replacement of "the wide Parallel ATA ribbon cable with a thin, flexible cable that can be up to 1 meter in length."

It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to consider what this means:

- Less cable clutter, leading to improved airflow and reduced air turbulence noise.
- The option to place hard drives in an external case optimized for low noise and good cooling (without spending an arm and a leg on external USB drives), which would also have the benefit of lowering the total heat in the main CPU box.

We're already working on our external drive caddy. :)

Installing Debian Woody on an Eden EPIA VE1000

SPCR reader dbri has posted a set of instructions on installing the latest release of Debian (Woody) on a VIA Eden VE1000 system in the SPCR Forums.

Q-Technology QT-02300 Power Supply

Long considered the quietest PSU on the market, Q-Technology has now discontinued their original 230W model and offers 250, 300, 400 and 460W models. We examine one of their 300W models. Does it continue the Q-Technology tradition? How does it compare with quiet PSU models from other manufacturers?

CPU Undervolting & Underclocking: A Primer

Two terms that often come up in Silent PC Review are undervolting and underclocking. These terms refer to setting the CPU core voltage and clock speed under the default settings in order to lower its heat output and make it easier to cool with a quiet, low speed fan. Computing performance does take a hit, but CPU temperature can be lowered dramatically, making it much easier to obtain quiet operation.

SPCR announces new forums!

We are pleased to announce our new-and-improved User Forums. Offering many new features, as well as increased ease-of-use, we think you'll find these new forums a big step up from the old system.

Posts and user accounts from the old system were, for the most part, preserved during the upgrade, but there were a few quirks and snags that we ran into. For complete information about the upgrade, please read our announcement in the Site News forum.