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Serial ATA benefits for PC Heat/Noise

We've reported here on Seagate's Serial ATA Barracuda hard drives, but given scant attention to the benefits of the new interface. Dell provides a good overview of these benefits, which includes:

- backward compatibility with ATA
- higher potential dtata flow rates (150~600MB/sec)
- low cost
- improved data bobustness

For PC silencers, however, the single most interesting aspect of Serial ATA is the replacement of "the wide Parallel ATA ribbon cable with a thin, flexible cable that can be up to 1 meter in length."

It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to consider what this means:

- Less cable clutter, leading to improved airflow and reduced air turbulence noise.
- The option to place hard drives in an external case optimized for low noise and good cooling (without spending an arm and a leg on external USB drives), which would also have the benefit of lowering the total heat in the main CPU box.

We're already working on our external drive caddy. :)

Installing Debian Woody on an Eden EPIA VE1000

SPCR reader dbri has posted a set of instructions on installing the latest release of Debian (Woody) on a VIA Eden VE1000 system in the SPCR Forums.

Q-Technology QT-02300 Power Supply

Long considered the quietest PSU on the market, Q-Technology has now discontinued their original 230W model and offers 250, 300, 400 and 460W models. We examine one of their 300W models. Does it continue the Q-Technology tradition? How does it compare with quiet PSU models from other manufacturers?

CPU Undervolting & Underclocking: A Primer

Two terms that often come up in Silent PC Review are undervolting and underclocking. These terms refer to setting the CPU core voltage and clock speed under the default settings in order to lower its heat output and make it easier to cool with a quiet, low speed fan. Computing performance does take a hit, but CPU temperature can be lowered dramatically, making it much easier to obtain quiet operation.

SPCR announces new forums!

We are pleased to announce our new-and-improved User Forums. Offering many new features, as well as increased ease-of-use, we think you'll find these new forums a big step up from the old system.

Posts and user accounts from the old system were, for the most part, preserved during the upgrade, but there were a few quirks and snags that we ran into. For complete information about the upgrade, please read our announcement in the Site News forum.

JMC’s new 92x32mm Single-Fan Cooling Solution

JMC Products, a manufacturer of thermal cooling solutions, today introduced the 9232-12V DC fan, designed to cool an entire computer chassis. The 9232-12V has been effectively applied with a passive heatsink and baffling system to direct air through the heatsink and out of a dual or single processor workstation. The fan can also cool power supplies in a similar method.

The 9232-12V can be thermally controlled for low noise (20 dBA) at low speed. Consuming little power at high speed, it cools a system with an impressive 82 CFM, running at 4000 RPM. (But not quietly at that speed!) Available now for OEM & dstributors in low, medium and high speeds at $5 to $6 depending on features, speed, and quantities. For more info, visit

Vantec Stealth PSUs Coming Soon is getting ready to release a new series of Stealth Power supplies that are supposed to be powerful and very quiet. It's good to see another manufacturer recognizing the noise issue. The noise stats cited suggest they will actually be quieter than the top ranked ones on our Recommended PSUs, but we'll have see how the measurements were made. They do have three fans, after all...

MSRP & noise ratings for these product are:
420W -- $129 -- 18 dBA
470W -- $139 -- 20 dBA
520W -- $149 -- 22 dBA

Vantec USA anticipates delivery of review units by the end of this month and shipment to distributors shortly thereafter. Hopefully, they will send over some samples for us to review.

Fanless PCI Radeon?

VIAHardware has a review of a 64MB Radeon that fits in a PCI slot and on top of that it's fanless! Looks perfect for one of the sans-AGP Shuttle mini-barebones systems.

Check out the review here.

For Dilbert fans: PC Feng Shui

A hilariously appropos Dilbert strip about Feng Shui and noisy computer fans. Thanks to Tim Handley of VIA for pointing it out. :)

FrostyTech review of Zalman CNPS6500-Cu Fan Heatsink has a very positive review of the Zalman CNPS6500-Cu Fan Heatsink. Notable for its audio recordings of the noise the Zalman makes, the review offers a comparison of the Zalman fan against many of its peers.

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Ultimate Underclock & Undervolt Project

Do-It-Yourself Systems
New contributor Leo Velikovich shares an impressive PC silencing project which involves underclocking and undervolting not just an AMD XP1700+ but also a hot GeForce 4 Ti4200 video card. Is it the Ultimate Underclock & Undervolt Project?

Quieting an XP at!?)

A story on quiet air-cooling of an XP1600+ system in just appeared today. Nothing revolutionary to regular SPCR devotees, but interesting, and noteworthy that one of the web's great overclocking communities, normally oblivious to noise, is beginning to rouse to the deafening noise.

Shuttle SS51 officially launched

Shuttle, the leading developer of innovative small form factor (SFF) computing solutions, today launched the latest model in its rapidly expanding XPC product line. Widely regarded as the pinnacle of Small Form Factor design, the Shuttle XPC line are poised to become the standard for next generation PCs.

Brown Bread noise dampening

Member Ken Sakuma reviews the noise reduction effect of "Brown Bread" panel dampening material on a PC system that is already carefully tweaked for low noise. The review answers questions not only about BB but other similar materials such as Dynamat.