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For all you day traders out there has released their own line of "Whisper Quiet Computers". At first glance, these computers appear to be nothing more than a standard whitebox PC combined with an Enermax PSU and a Fujitsu fluid-drive bearing hard drive.

They're geared towards stock traders, so the computers are configured with such niceties as dual monitors and fast Pentium IV processors. However, they appear to be priced at a premium, perhaps more than a simple Enermax PSU and Fujitsu drive warrant.

Apple wants your feedback

Apple is soliciting feedback from PC users about what might make you switch to a Mac.
Apple has been on the leading edge of silent computers, at least among larger computer manufacturers, with products like their G4 Cube and original iMac, both of which are nearly silent.
This is your chance to let them know that silent computing is important to you.

Zalman releases new northbridge heatsink