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AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC

SPCR Certified Silent PCs | Complete|Mobile Systems
The first SPCR Quiet Certified PC from AVADirect Custom Computers features a GTX560 Ti graphics card along with an Ivy Bridge i7-3770k CPU in a system that's quiet doing ordinary tasks and ramps up only moderately at full GPU/CPU load.

Reeven Kelveros & Arcziel CPU Coolers

Reeven, a relatively unknown PC cooling company, looks to make a name for themselves with a pair of oddly named heatsinks. The Kelveros is a classic tower heatsink with direct touch heatpipes while the Arcziel is a traditional, but rather tall down-blowing model.

Lian Li PC-Q18: The Perfect Mini Server Case?

The Lian Li PC-Q18 is a slightly slimmer PC-Q08 tweaked to focus on its usability as a mini-ITX server. The changes include a four drive SATA backplane, an improved hard drive and side panel mounting system.

Thermalright Archon SB-E 15cm Fan CPU Cooler

Thermalright goes in a slightly direction with the Archon SB-E, an unusually tall and wide 8-heatpipe cooler with an equally unusual 15 cm fan.

Scythe Big Shuriken 2 & Reeven Vanxie CPU Coolers

The Scythe Big Shuriken 2 is a high performance CPU cooler in a low profile package, looking to improve upon the performance of its popular predecessor. The Reeven Vanxie is almost comically small by comparison, a tiny low profile offering for use in ultra compact cases.

Fans from Noctua & Corsair at Computex 2012

Cooling | The Silent Front
At Computex 2012 last week, there were two fan developments worthy of serious note for SPCR readers. The first and more revolutionary of the two is an Active Noise Cancellation fan project from Noctua, with partner RotoSub. The second is from a more unlikely source, Corsair, of memory, PSU and case fame.

WD VelociRaptor 1TB and Scorpio Blue 500GB

WD's VelociRaptor 1TB might be the fastest hard drive in the world, but it could also be the loudest. The new Scorpio Blue 500GB is a different kind of drive, a single-platter notebook model with ultra-low acoustics.

Fan Roundup #6: Scythe, Noiseblocker, Antec, Nexus, Thermalright

Nine fans marketed as quiet are examined with a new SPCR-centric testing methodology that emphasizes acoustics and cooling effectiveness over airflow. Scythe, Noiseblocker, Antec, Nexus and Thermalright fans duke it out.

Noctua to use Active Noise Cancellation in new Fan

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Noctua, noted Austrian heatsink & fan company, just announced a partnership with a noise reduction specialist called RotoSub to develop PC fans with integrated Active Noise Cancellation. This is not the first time that ANC technology is being used to combat computer noise, but as yet, no ANC products for computers that you can buy have materialized. This project seems more concrete; a specific goal is to improve Noctua's NF-F12 FocusedFlow fan: "Our performance target is to achieve about 80% more airflow and 120% higher static pressure at the same noise level as the original NF-F12... within the next 12 to 18 months." Noctua says a prototype ANC NF-F12 fan will be publicy demonstrated at Computex in Taipei. Look for my report next week. * Discuss this news *

Jetway AMD G-T40E Fanless Barebones Nettop

Complete|Mobile Systems
Jetway's new barebones PC powered by AMD's dual core G-T40E APU is really tiny, fanless, and surprisingly affordable. It runs a bit hot and needs more driver development, though.

Asus P8Z77-V Pro: Xpert Fan Control for LGA1155

The Asus P8Z77-V Pro is a full-featured Sandy/Ivy Bridge motherboard with five independently controllable fan headers and Asus' new FAN Xpert 2 utility.

Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile Cooler

The NH-L12 exhibits the same qualities as Noctua's other CPU heatsink/fans in a much smaller form factor, standing only 66 mm high in single fan configuration. For a lower profile cooler, it delivers top-notch performance at a luxurious price.

Streacom FC5 OD Fanless HTPC Case

Streacom FC5 OD is a classic, minimalist, low profile, aluminum case designed to fit neatly with other audio/video equipment and cool the CPU fanlessly without any noise.

Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge CPU

The update to Sandy Bridge brings 22nm fabrication technology, a souped up integrated graphics chip, and a host of minor improvements to LGA1155. Best of all, Ivy Bridge is backwards compatible with series 6 motherboards and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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