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NZXT H2 Classic Silent Midtower Chassis

The H2 is NZXT's attempt at a budget tower case with a silent slant. For US$100, it offers noise dampening foam, three quiet fans, a built-in fan controller, a SATA docking station, and a variety of other niceties including a brilliant front fan mounting tray.

SSD Roundup: Corsair F180 vs. Zalman S Series vs. Kingston SSDNow V+100

In this roundup we examine the performance of three SSDs from Corsair, Zalman, and Kingston. The results should be interesting as they have different controllers, capacities, and prices.

News for 2011-03-22

Internet News

* EXPreview: Hands-on Intel 320 series SSD
* Seagate Momentus XT SD24 firmware update tested at StorageReview; SD25 firmware is near release.
* TechPowerUp: Single-slot, slot-powered Radeon HD 6850 surfaces in Asia
* TechPowerUp: SAPPHIRE launches HD 6950 FleX, simplifies Eyefinity for gamers
* CowcotLand tests 12 PSUs from 400W to 600W including 80 Plus Gold & Platinum favorites
* How LCD panels work by Bill Hammack aka engineerguyvideo on YouTube
* Gizmag: Silicon molecules + polyvinyl alcohol = 'First-ever' permanent anti-fog coating

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Antec ISK 100 Mini-ITX Case

The Antec ISK 100 is a followup to the ISK 300, a smaller case without the 300's steel exterior, optical drive bay, expansion slot, and 8 cm fan(s). The ISK 100's most interesting features are its well-ventilated mesh cover and 10cm fan which should provide excellent cooling.

OCZ RevoDrive 120GB PCI Express SSD

The OCZ RevoDrive 120GB is a high performance solid state drive that utilizes a pair of SandForce controllers in RAID 0. To alleviate any bandwidth limitations, it is housed on a PCI Express 4x card, offering a much fatter pipe than SATA 3/6 Gbps.

Miika's DIY Silent Aluminum-frame HTPC

Do-It-Yourself Systems
Miika's monolithic HTPC is the result of classic old-time DIY ingenuity and savvy, which seem in decline in silent computing as quiet off-the-shelf solutions proliferate. DIY initiative can still vye with all the gleaming new high efficiency computer technology today.

Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB & Momentus 750GB

The Barracuda Green 2TB is an attempt by Seagate to crack the low power consumption and excellent acoustics of low power desktop drives from WD and Samsung. The Momentus 750GB on the other hand doesn't have much to prove, coming from the same stock as the surprisingly quiet Momentus 7200.4 and XT.

Intel Core i3-2100 vs. AMD Phenom II X2 565

In a dual core battle, Intel's entry level Sandy Bridge chip, the Core i3-2100, takes on AMD's best, the Phenom II X2 565 Black Edition. Find out how they stack up against each another and Intel's Clarkdale processors.

Zalman Z9 Plus ATX Tower Case

The Zalman Z9 Plus is a budget ATX tower case targeting the enthusiast/gamer market. The Z9 Plus has the usual trappings of such cases plus a temperature sensor with LCD display and a fan controller, all at a very reasonable price.

Samsung PN58C6400 Plasma HDTV

Plasma was the first technology to bring us big flat screen TVs. They're still considered tops by videophiles. We take our first close look at a big 58" plasma 1080p TV from Samsung.

Zalman CNPS9900 MAX & CNPS5X CPU Coolers

Two new CPU coolers from Zalman are put to task, the large radial style CNPS9900 MAX, and the CNPS5X, a lanky lightweight tower.

HDPLEX H10.ODD Fanless microATX Case

To show off the capabilities of their H10.ODD passively-cooled microATX case, HDPLEX sent us a sample with a fully assembled system consisting of a Core i3-530, SSD, Blu-ray drive, and fanless 150W power adapter. Read on to see how this minimalist, super slim, fanless PC case performs.

Thermalright Silver Arrow Dual 14cm Fan Cooler

The Thermalright Silver Arrow is a monstrous 1.2kg heatsink with 8mm thick heatpipes and a pair of 14cm fans. Does it have what it takes to beat Noctua's flagship NH-D14 cooler?

Evo ECOPC: A Silent Nettop

Complete|Mobile Systems
The Evo ECOPC is another Atom-based nettop, lacking in horsepower but small enough to cram into just about any corner. Though there is a small fan, it can be disabled and run passively.

Asus E35M1-M Pro: AMD Fusion Motherboard

The Asus E35M1-M Pro is a microATX board featuring a new embedded AMD Fusion E-350 APU (accelerated processing unit), an 18W chip with both CPU and GPU on the same die. Find out how it fares against low-end Atom, CULV, and ION powered systems.