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Icy Dock 2.5"/3.5" Drive Accessories

Three storage accessories from Icy Dock distinguish themselves from the cheap generic devices flooding the market.

2002-2012: A Decade of SPCR

About Us | The Silent Front
The passage of a decade is always considered a major milestone, and on Sunday April 1, 2012, SPCR entered its second decade.

Logic Supply LGX AG150 Fanless Mini PC

Complete|Mobile Systems
This new PC from specialist Logic Systems is based around the recently released Intel DN2800MT "Marshalltown" mini-ITX Atom board, a long-awaited follow-up to the original "Thin ITX" board, the Intel D945GSEJT. Super low energy consumption, 1080P video capability and a tiny 1.2 liter form factor should be compelling for Mini PC enthusiasts.

Silverstone Fortress FT02 Revisited

The latest version of the SilverStone Fortress FT02 only adds USB 3.0 support and improved 18cm fans, but its innovative cooling design still gives it an edge against today's best quiet, high performance cases. A complete revisit of this big, beautiful case.

Sapphire HD 7750 Ultimate Edition

Graphics Cards
Taking advantage of the AMD's Radeon HD 7750 low 55W TDP, Sapphire has outfitted it with a fanless cooler. The HD 7750 Ultimate offers silent operation for only US$15 more than actively-cooled versions of the same card.

Sapphire Edge HD3: AMD E-450 Mini PC

Complete|Mobile Systems
Only in the third iteration of Sapphire's Edge HD mini PC was AMD hardware incorporated into the design, unusual for a company that features AMD (ATI) GPU video cards exclusively. The HD3 sports an AMD E-450 APU, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, front-mounted USB 3.0, and wireless connectivity all in a svelte package less than an inch thick.

Jetway NF9C-2600 Atom N2600 Mini-ITX Motherboard

The Jetway NF9C-2600 mini-ITX motherboard is powered by a revamped Intel Atom processor with a PowerVR-sourced GPU that supports H.264 acceleration. Though the connectivity options are suited for industrial/commercial rather than home use, the board gives us a taste of what the latest iteration of Atom offers.

Seasonic SS-350TGM 80 Plus Gold TFX

Seasonic introduces 80 Plus Gold efficiency PSUs in TFX12V form factor with semi-passive, hybrid cooling for mini-towers and compact media PCs. Will system integrators embrace these new 300W and 350W PSUs?

Power Distribution in Three PCs (2012)

Power | The Silent Front
Six years ago we conducted an anlysis of power consumption and distribution in several desktop PCs. Today we repeat the analysis with three modern machines to see how things have changed.

SilverStone Raven RV03

The SilverStone Raven RV03 enthusiast tower case retains much of what we liked in the Raven RV02 and Fortress FT02, while adding elements like front fans, drive mounting behind the motherboard, and USB 3.0 and evolving to a somewhat more conventional shape.

Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB Hard Drive

We were pleasantly surprised by the fast, quiet, and efficient nature of the 5940RPM Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000. Up this time around is the 7200RPM version, the 7K3000.

Kingwin LZP-1000: Platinum Efficiency at a KiloWatt

The subject of our second KW power supply test in a row is an 80 Plus Platinum rated Kingwin vying for top honors among gaming silent PC enthusiasts. How does it fare against the Seasonic X1050 celebrated in a recent review?

Tiché PC HDD Vibration Killer

Audio|Video|Misc | Cases|Damping | Storage
The Tiché PC HDD Vibration Killer is an aftermarket internal hard drive suspension system that is simple but effective and cost efficient.

Cooler Master Silencio 450: Silence on a Budget?

The Cooler Master Silencio 450 is essentially a cut-down version of the successful Silencio 550, targeted at those seeking quiet operation on a shoestring budget.

Seasonic X-1050 PSU: Gold at Kilowatt+

Seasonic recently entered the ranks of kilowatt PSU makers with new 1050W and 1250W models in its X series, and a 1000W model in its new X-derivative Platinum line. Our acoustics-focused review of the 80 Plus Gold approved X-1050 finds Seasonic in fine form.