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Intel D510M0 Motherboard: Atom 2.0

Intel's D510M0 mini-ITX motherboard features the new Atom D510 processor and NM10 Express chipset. With the memory controller and graphics core on the same die, this new Atom platform looks to lower power consumption and possibly deliver better performance.

Corsair CX400W Power Supply

The well-known memory brand morphed in recent years to become a major player in retail power supplies. While Corsair offers kilowatt PSUs, a 400W model rounds out the opposite end of its line.

Asus EeeBox EB1501 ION Mini-PC

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The newest Asus EeeBox, the EB1501, has the makings of an excellent media extender. It sports a dual core Atom CPU, Nvidia ION graphics, a slot-loading DVD burner, and a wireless keyboard, mouse and remote control.

An Interview with Seagate's Henry Fabian

SPCR interviews Henry Fabian of Seagate about Seagate, digital storage, hard drives and SSDs.

Western Digital Green 1.5TB vs. Seagate 7200.12 500GB

The 3-platter WD Caviar Green 1.5TB looks to improve on the already impressive acoustics and energy efficiency of the 2TB version. The 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12, on the other hand, is a performance drive with only a single-platter and has the potential to be the quietest in its class.

Gigabyte MA785GPMT-UD2H 785G Motherboard

The 785GPMT-UD2H is the most fully loaded of the three 785G mATX AM3 solutions offered by Gigabyte. We examine it for power consumption, and general performance in a variety of other areas.

Silverstone Raven Two

Soon after the original model was released, SilverStone went back to the drawing board with the goal of creating a second generation Raven with wider appeal. The Raven Two dispenses with EATX support for less imposing dimensions, yet adds another 18cm fan and is said to be cooler and quieter.

Most Common Ways to Kill a PC

PCStat's article on the topic, based on a survey of their readers, says that despite your best intentions, computer hardware's worst enemy is YOU. An interesting read for any computer devotee. *Discuss this news in the SPCR forums.*

ZEROtherm CoolMaxx 2000 GPU Cooler

The ZEROtherm CoolMaxx 2000 is a deceptively small and light GPU cooler with high aspirations to match its $55 price-tag. To test its mettle, we put it through the grueling challenge of cooling a 150W Radeon HD4890 in an limited airflow environment.

Intel Extreme (Gaming) Masters Global Challenge at West Edmonton Mall

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Experience the fun of PC gaming and a chance to try out new Core i7 processors at the Intel Extreme Masters global challenge. Watch PC gamers from around the world compete in top PC games: Counter-Strike 1.6, World of Warcraft and Quake Live. Visitors can also experience the thrill of BMW Sauber F1 Simulators and win cool prizes. This international throw-down has great prizes for pro gamers and the public. The games begin at the West Edmonton Mall, Dec 11–13. Full details at

Antec NSK1480: The Fusion gets Smaller

Antec keeps rolling with isolated-chamber cases descended from the P180. This time, the Fusion gets shrunk to a half-height version in the NSK1480.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q110: Tiny ION Nettop

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The IdeaCentre Q110 shares the Q100's tiny form factor and Atom 230 processor, but has more RAM, a bigger hard drive and most notably, Nvidia's ION chipset. As a result, it can play most high definition video formats, making it a candidate for the ultimate SFF media PC.

Enermax Eco80+ 500W PSU

In Enermax' seven (!) lines of power supplies, the Eco80+ is one of two tagged as "eco". The "Love our Earth" tagline on the packaging attests that "eco" stands for ecology, but its position at the low-end of Enermax' lineup suggests that "economy" might also be a relevant tag. How fares this modest PSU in these times of silent, 90% efficiency, $200 models?

Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case

The Twelve Hundred is essentially a larger version of the Nine Hundred Two, sharing the same core design, but taller, accommodating two extra fans, an additional hard drive cage and support for the excellent Antec CP-850 power supply. It'll be interesting to see how much difference this combination makes.

More 500GB notebook drives: Seagate 7200.4 & Hitachi 5K500.B

Two more half-terabyte notebook drives spin through, a 7200rpm Seagate and a 5400rpm Hitachi: Acoustics and power efficiency continue to improve.