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5900rpm Seagate Hard Drives: Barracuda LP, Pipeline HD .2

Seagate's Barracuda LP and Pipeline HD .2 series hard drives sport 500GB platters and a rotational speed of 5900rpm, giving them a slight edge in performance over Western Digital Caviar Green and Samsung EcoGreen lines: Is there a cost?

Intel Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge Contest

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Intel recently launched a worldwide custom desktop challenge. The challenge is to build desktops powered by Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors that envision the possibilities of tomorrow's technology. >> Discuss this news in the SPCR forum.

Low Power Monitors from Samsung and Lenovo


Monitors are not our usual review subjects at SPCR. Ironically, the fact that they make very little noise (with a few exceptions) takes them off our radar; they're usually quiet and we like that, but we don't have too much more to say. That said, our interest in power efficiency (and some corresponding environmental concerns) has prompted us to take a closer look at a couple LCD monitors that bill themselves as "low power".

Post-IDF, Fall 2009

The Silent Front
After rubbing shoulders with 4,000-odd mostly tech-geeks for a few days, after a dose of zen and several cold pints to soothe the swollen brain, a state of contemplation sometimes prevails. I then feel compelled to share these nuggets — of gold or lead, the reader is free to judge.

Scythe Musashi Dual Fan GPU Cooler [Postcript Added]

The Musashi is a long, slim, dual fan GPU cooler from Scythe. We installed it on an ATI HD4870, and put it through a grueling torture test against our old favorite, the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1. POSTCRIPT added Nov 29, 2009. See page 8 for details.

Athlon II X4 630 & 620: Affordable Quad Cores

The newly released Athlon II X4 630 and 620 finally bring quad core performance to the $100 level. With respective prices of $120 and $100, the high value X4 630 and X4 630 continue AMD's sniping of Intel.

IDF 2009: First Morn

Silent Mike's Blog

Early morn breakfast at the Marriot Hotel in downtown San Francisco with HP and a hundred-odd journalists, followed by an intro of the company's Skyroom, a hi-def videoconferencing and collaboration tool soon to be available for $149. A short jaunt to the Moscone convention center, up to the big hall on the 3rd floor where 4,000 attendees await the first keynote speaker, Intel CEO Paul Otelinni, surrounded with multiple billboard sized screens and loud rock music. " Moving seamlessly throughout the computing continuum," is the motto of the presentation, which you can view in its entirety at the IDF Press Room within 24 hrs. * Forum discussion.

Smallish LGA775 Heatsink Roundup - Part 2

In our continuing quest for compact, effective and silent CPU coolers, we ran a gladiatorial roundup with competitors from Silverstone, Nexus and Cooler Master seeking to wrest the top spot from the Scythe Big Shuriken.

Lenovo's All-in-one: IdeaCentre A600

Complete|Mobile Systems
Integrated all-in-one PCs are becoming more visible, with morphing nettops, Apple iMacs, and now, Lenovo IdeaCentres. The A600 series is Lenovo's first entry into the home desktop PC market, and it has many of the features that endear iMacs to their users.

Gateway EC1803h: Netbook or Ultra-portable?

Complete|Mobile Systems
The Gateway EC1803h has an 11.6" 1366x768 display, a CULV Core 2 Solo 1.4GHz processor, GMA 4500MHD graphics, is only 1" thick and weighs about 3.2lb. Is it a netbook, an ultra-portable, or something in-between? We explore the first of what appears to be a new class of notebooks.

Intel's LGA1156 and Lynnfield core

To be a fitting successor to LGA775, Intel's new LGA1156 will have to offer a fair increase in performance and energy efficiency, but not so much to overshadow LGA1366. Lynnfield takes mostly after Nehalem, but requires only a single chipset (the new Platform Controller Hub), has a dual channel memory controller rather than triple, and uses a more aggressive form of Turbo Boost. Our first detailed look at LGA1156.

Asus Eee PC Seashell 1005HA netbook

Complete|Mobile Systems
The market is littered with 10" netbook peas in a pod, not least the dozens of variants by Asus. The 1005HA seems to be special in a few different ways, mainly overall balance and fantastic untethered run time. Our first look since the very first netbooks.

Antec CP-850: Unique PSU with Top Performance

The CP-850 is 1.2" too tall to fit into all but three of Antec's top cases, so its popularity has to be be unnaturally limited. But the electrical and acoustic performance is superlative, especially in those cases, and it comes at an amazingly low price. White elephant or futuristic visionary?

Nexus RX-8500 850W Power Supply

Nexus reaches out to serious gamers with a power supply claimed to be the quietest 850W model available. The company has a long reputation for quiet computer products, so if the idea a quiet PSU for a gaming rig appeals, read on.

Luxa2 LM100 Mini: "Exquisite & Desirable" m-ITX HTPC Case

SPCR's exploration of new mini-IXT cases continues: The Luxa2 LM100 Mini is as far as you'll get from a junky beige box - it is downright beautiful. It's a highly priced, high quality, low profile Shuttle-like enclosure with a sturdy and elegant aluminum body, a small LCD display and remote control. How fares it against the more pedestrian boxes from Antec and Silverstone that we've reviewed recently?