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Fortron-Source Power Blue Storm AX500-A PSU

Fortron-Source is the source for many power supplies in the PC marketplace, not just under their own brand but many others and as OEM gear. Blues Storm is definitely one of their own line, a new one that features many modern features and performance -- including one of the flattest power efficiency curves we've seen on any PSU tested. We take this out this new 120mm fan PSU out for a few tests.

Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Ultra TC heatsink/fan

Arctic Cooling updates an old budget favorite, a deceptively simple aluminum extrusion heatsink with a frameless 92mm fan that features thermal fan speed control. It's not a giant killer, but it is very quiet, really easy to install and provides perfectly adequate cooling performance -- all for US$20. The 4 Ultra TC HSF show that the miserly, efficiency obsessed engineers at AC are still on their game.

Antec SLK3000B mid-tower case

The SLK 3000B is the latest evolution of Antec's popular 3700 series cases. The SLK 3000B has the same bezel as the 3700 AMB and BQE models, with subtle tweaks and refinements that make it the best of the breed yet. One big change: No power supply is included, with a corresponding drop in price... and the freedom to chose any PSU based on need, whim and budget.

Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Heatsink/Fan

The new Zalman 7700 heatsink/fan is a natural extension of the radial design of the successful 7000 series to the higher thermal demands of the most recent processors — particularly the fastest Intel Prescott core P4s with their >100W output. An integrated 120mm diameter fan is employed instead of a 92mm fan. How does the biggest and best from Zalman compare against its precessors, and against the Thermalright XP-120 with a 120mm fan of one's choice?

Antec's new P180: Ultimate Silent Case?

One of the most exciting things not to be shown at CES is a new case that will soon be coming from Antec. Rather than a booth at the CES, Antec have a hotel suite nearby where press and customers are invited for a private gander at new products. The P180, a big mid-tower case that's a bit shorter than the Silverstone TJ06, appears to feature everything a silent PC enthusiast or performance nut would want. It is also a great looker in the best minimalist tradition.

OCZ ModStream OCZ-520 12U Power Supply

OCZ Modstream 520It's now official: The retail power supply sector for PCs has gone amok and every brand under the sun must have a line of PSUs. For OCZ, associated till this year almost entirely with RAM memory, the Modstream series is their second PSU line in six months. Its raison d'être? Lotsa bling and detachable cables. It has a great fan controller, but the 120mm blue LED fan is not what we're used to hearing from Yate Loon recently, as you'll read about and hear in our review.

Notebook HDDs: Hitachi 5K80 80G & Samsung MP0402H 40G

We review two more quiet notebook hard drives, from Hitachi and Samsung. The Hitachi 80GB 5K80 and the Samsung 40G MP0402H are both extremely quiet, low vibration drives and not badly priced. They are affordable quiet alternatives (for desktop PCs) to silent solid state hard drives. We listen, measure and describe their acoustics and performance.

Kiwi Quiet P4 Cooling

Do-It-Yourself Systems
Peter Scott writes from New Zealand about his efforts to quiet a noisy P4 2.66A box. His article is a saga of experimentation and inventiveness, which seem requisite for a successful PC silencing project. Peter also shows us another variant of the HDD anti-vibration decoupling suspension technique we espouse. This article will inspire those for whom the latest "silent" gear is not available.

Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY Power Supply

Yet another 120mm fan PSU, with a bit of a twist: As befits the brand, this Cooler Master PSU has a "Human Computer Interface" along with a blue LED fan for head-turning appeal. HCI turns out to be their marketingspeak for a power monitor. Our review digs into the essentials: Performance and noise.

Nexus NX-4090 "Real Silent" PSU

Our review of the Nexus NX4090 PSU looks almost like a revisit of the NX3500 we reviewed a year ago. The two 120mm fan PSUs look like peas in a pod. But there are meaningful differences: More power, higher efficiency, and most importantly for SPCR, lower noise in actual operation.

Biostar's unusual iDEQ 300G SFF PC

Biostar's new iDEQ 300G is based on the Intel 915G chipset. Low noise level is claimed for use in the living room. This SFF has a unique mechanical design for a new level of ease for the barebones buyer: Entire hardware installation in just two minutes. "Not a single screw is needed; the chassis can open upward together with the front panel, looks like a shark stretches out its big jaw." This comment is certainly worth a photo. Click on the next link...

Silverstone's Flagship: Temjin TJ06 PC case

The TJ06 is a tall mid-tower aluminum-steel hybrid with a host of unique features: Upside down mounting of the motherboard, a "wind tunnel" duct that directs the airflow of two 120mm fans in push-pull mode across the CPU area, separate thermal zones, a hinged front bezel, etc. It is a most unusual thermally and acoustically optimized PC case. We review the Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ06 along with the Silverstone TN01 heatpipe heatsink made expressly for this case.

AOpen XC Cube EX915: 775-socket SFF barebones

Complete|Mobile Systems
The EX915 is a 775 or socket T SFF barebones from AOpen, based on the same mechanical platform as the previously reviewed EZ65, but with a more techno sleek facia and the Intel 915 chipset. Socket 775 processors appear to be all Prescott-core right now. The $6 million question: Can a Prescott-CPU SFF system be quiet?

Thermaltake CL-P0025 Silent Tower CPU heatsink/fan

After two and a half years of heatsink reviews, we finally tackle one from the most prolific of aftermarket CPU cooler brands. Thermaltake's Silent Tower is one of the new breed of tall heatpipe-equipped designs with fan airflow that goes across the board rather than down or up. They've incorporated some nice design features and a couple of real muffs. Are the snafus fatal?

Coolermaster Centurion 5 mid-tower case

The Centurion 5 is a mid-tower case with the kind of great style that has made Coolermaster one of the top case design brands among PC enthusiasts. Not being silver, it is atypical for Coolermaster; in fact, only the facia has any aluminum, and it's purple, not silver. We look past the unusual classy cosmetics to answer the question,