Havik 140: NZXT's First CPU Heatsink

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NZXT Havik 140: NZXT's First CPU Heatsink

June 3, 2011 by Lawrence Lee

NZXT Havik 140
CPU Cooler

NZXT is best known for their plethora of well-designed ATX/EATX towers cases, but they also carry cooling accessories including fan controllers or fans. Today marks an expansion of this lineup with the release of their first CPU cooler, the Havik 140. It's a rather tough market to break into given the level of competition involved, but if NZXT attacks it with the same tenacity they did with PC cases, we would be hesitant to bet against them.

The box.

The Havik 140 is a single tower cooler, nickel-plated from head to toe, much like Thermalright's Ultra/Venomous series and countless other established CPU heatsinks. What is unusual is that it ships with dual 14 cm fans. Traditionally coolers of its size would be equipped with 12 cm models so this might be overkill. The only other heatsinks we've encountered that include a pair of 14 cm fans are the dual tower Prolimatech Genesis and Thermalright Silver Arrow, and the down-blowing Noctua NH-C14, all three of which are larger and heavier. Furthermore, both the Silver Arrow and NH-C14 can be purchased for close to the Havik 140's MSRP of US$75.

Package contents.

The Havik 140 ships in a neatly arranged package with cushioned layers of styrofoam protecting the heatsink and stock fans. A simple white box holds the accessories which includes all the necessary mounting hardware, a tube of thermal compound, a 3-pin Y fan cable, and an instruction sheet in various languages. The fans are rather interesting as they have unusual frames and twisted fan blades.

NZXT Havik 140: Key Features
(from the box)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
Specifically designed rubber fasteners to reduce vibration and secure fans to heatsink. Vibration typically isn't much of an issue on modern CPU coolers, but dampening the fans couldn't hurt.
Unique fan blades provide quiet 27.8 dB operation and highly effective airflow of 90.3 CFM. Manufacturers love throwing out difficult to confirm numbers.
Six 6mm heat pipes with standard dual 140 mm fans for the most efficient conductivity. Okay.
Includes sturdy Intel/AMD mounting kits to accommodate a variety of motherboards and secure the heatsink during transportation. Should be very secure as it is similar to systems used by Noctua and Prolimatech.
Newly patented fins exceptionally slice passing air for increased ventilation and reduced noise. Sounds physically impossible.
100% soldered copper base and aluminum fins with nickel plating to ensure resilience against deterioration, quality, and long life. Standard operating procedure for high-end heatsinks these days.

NZXT Havik 140: Specifications
(from the box)
Materials Aluminum / Copper nickel-plated
Dimensions 135(W) x 160(H) x 60(D) mm
Weight 760 g (excluding fans and mounting kit)
1035 g (with dual 140mm fans)
Mounting Pressure 55-60 lbs
Fan Size 140(W) x 140(H) x 25(D) mm x 2pcs
Fan Bearing Long Life (Oil-leaking Prevention) + Shaft with Copper sleeve
Fan Speed 1200 ± 10% R.P.M.
Noise Level 25.2 dB
Air Flow 90.3 CFM
Connector 3-pin
Input Power 3.6 W
Life 30000 Hours

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