Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5

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Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5

November 2, 2009 by Mike Chin and Lawrence Lee

Quiet Drive 2.5
2.5" HDD Silencer
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Hard disk drives have been one of the main sources of noise in computers for years. Naturally, silencing them has been of interest to quiet computing enthusiasts; some of the first articles in SPCR nearly eight years ago introduced DIY approaches to hard drive silencing, essential in those days because most desktop drives were a lot noisier than they are today. (Hard Drive Silencing: Sandwiches & Suspensions) Still, hard drives continue to make noise today, and those who want truly silent computers seek to eliminate this noise. Solid state drives are great silent alternatives, but for large storage needs, they remain cost-prohibitive, while the cost-per-GB of HDDs continues to plummet. Hence, devices that can reduce HDD noise are still of great interest to SPCR.

HDD silencers are not new. Various products have been offered in the market over the past decade. The Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5 is basically a double-box enclosure with damping between the boxes to reduce the airborne noise and mechanical vibration of any 2.5" hard drive. Scythe also makes a larger version for a 3.5 HDD.

Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5 retail package and a notebook hard drive of the type it is meant to silence.

Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5: Key Features & Benefits
(from product overview)
Quadruple Core Structure
Covering the Hard Disk with double casing structure, providing the large-size high performance thermal conductive sheet for efficient heat diffusion, this unique structure for meeting every user’s needs.
The double casing design, along with the thermal conductive sheets makes three different heat transfer mediums between the drive and the outside air.
High Performance Thermal Conductive Sheet
By using the high performance thermal conductive sheet, the Quiet Drive gives a high cooling efficiency.
It also doubles as a vibration and noise dampening layer.
Possible Super Silent HDD Case for 2.5” HDD
By installing this Quiet Drive 2.5” HDD case into Scythe’s Quiet Drive (for 3.5” HDD), you can create the super silent HDD case for your 2.5” HDD!
Super silence is exactly what we're looking for.

Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5 Specifications
(from the product website)
Model Name: Quiet Drive 2.5 inch
Model #: SQD2.5-1000
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Dimensions: 102 x 146 x 25mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 465g
HDD Type: 2.5 inch IDE Parallel & Serial ATA
Case Bay: Standard 3.5 inch Bay
Core Structure: Double Noise Reduction, Heat Diffusion & Anti-Vibration
Cooling: Double Heat Diffusion Method + Thermal Conductive Sheet
Mounting: Standard 3.5 inch Bay Mounting

The claims and specifications are appealing, but there is no information on just how much noise or vibration reduction we can expect. This is where SPCR's thermal and acoustic analysis tools should prove handy.

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