SilverStone Strider ST56F power supply

SilverStone is best known for their very nice aluminum PC cases and for their fanless power supply. They also happen to offer many other power supplies. The Strider is one of the quieter ones they offer -- other than the fanless one -- and still rated for 560W power delivery. How does the Strider fare on our demanding PSU test bench?

Zalman ZM460-APS Power Supply

Our first article of 2006 is about a new, powerful, quiet, efficient PSU from one of the sector's longest established brands. Enjoy.

Antec TruePower 2.0 430 power supply

It's probably the longest-running PSU series Antec offers, now in v.II designation. It used to be a 2-fan product, but it's been changed to a single 120mm fan like so many PSUs, and still offers the unique "fan-only" connectors. Is the TruePower II-430 a truly modern updated PSU as its ATX12V v2.01 specs suggest?

Ultra X-Finity ULT-XF500 power supply

This market-driven brand submitted another flashy, gleaming power supply for us to review. Among its many features, it is high powered, has a 120mm fan, and boasts unusual clear insulation cables. Do these add up to a PSU that SPCR can recommend?

Seasonic SS-300SFD 80 Plus: Little Big PSU

After all the gleaming silver, blue-glowing, features-bursting power supplies that dance across the SPCR test bench, it can be a relief to come across a product utterly devoid of excess. The Seasonic SS-300SFD - 80 Plus version is such product: An SFX12V PSU able to deliver anywhere from 40W to a full 300W at >80% efficiency, quietly without fuss.

FSP Green PS FSP400-60GLN 400W PSU

It's a generic-looking power supply, both outside and in, and it conforms to new EU regulations aginst the use of toxic and unrecyclable materials in electronic products. They also claim that it's very efficient despite its modest appearance. Is it good? Is it stable? Is it quiet? We run a sample of the Fortron-Source Power FSP400-60GLN Green through our PSU test system.

Enermax Liberty EL500AWT & EL620AWT power supplies

A venerable power supply brand expands its range to 120mm fan with detachable cable models. The Liberty line aims for high efficiency and low noise as well, and offers up a big serving of functional luxury. Their marketing team is bent on Big Ideas this time around: Eternity cables in the Liberty power supplies. We examine the 500 and 620W models.

ePower Lion EP-450P5-L1 Semi-Fanless Power Supply

ePower's entry into the very quiet PSU realm is... "semi-fanless", says our reviewer. No, this does not mean it has half a fan; rather its fan acts as if it's not there half the time. The EP-450P5-L1 is much like the Phantom 500 in its basic operational premise, but the execution is quite different. It was very quiet much of the time on our test bench, but you will have to read the whole review to fully appreciate the Lion's strengths and weaknesses.

Corrected Efficiency Results for Recommended PSUs

For PSU Test Rig V.3, we revised our testing equipment and methodology to improve the accuracy of the load testing and efficiency calculations for our power supply reviews. As part of this revision, we re-tested most of the power supplies on our Recommended PSU List using the new methodology. The new results are reported in this article along with the original results.

Antec Neo HE 430 power supply

The features and specs read like a marketing hot list for a modern enthusiast PC power supply. High efficiency, detachable output cables, multiple 12V lines, APFC, auto-range AC input, quiet fan and intelligent fan controller. The big surprise is that the 430, like the rest of the Neo HE line, is not equipped with a 120mm fan. A traditional 80mm back mounted exhaust fan is used. It can be bought in a retail package or bundled with the new Antec P150 case. The Antec Neo HE 430 offers some pleasant surprises.

Archive: SPCR's PSU Test Platform V.3

Power | Reference|Recommended
PSU reviews have become bread-and-butter articles at SPCR. There are very few serious PSU reviews on the web; in this context, ours have stood out. However, in the last 18 months, PC power supplies have undergone tremendous changes. As a result, weaknesses in our testing setup have become evident: * The accuracy of our AC/DC conversion efficiency results; and * The adequacy of the test system to provide high enough load on the 12V line. This article documents the many changes we've made to address these issues in an improved, updated power suppy testing system. It's our PSU Test Platform, Version 3.0. ;D

Power Distribution within Six PCs

Power | The Silent Front
Power consumption and heat generation have become the most topical issue in PCs in the waning days of the Prescott, with a new focus on performance-per-watt by Intel, still the maker of the worlds most power hungry processors. SPCR has been espousing power parsimony for years. We take a look at the distribution of power between the 12V, 5V and 3.3V lines inside six different PC systems. There are no big surprises, but the results are interesting all the same.

Fortron-Source Zen fanless 300W ATX12V power supply

It was first seen by SPCR staff all the way back at the January 2005 CES in Las Vegas, but the Zen by Fortron-Source Power didn't make it to our test lab until a couple of weeks ago. It takes a somewhat different approach to cooling, boasts very high efficiency numbers and a more modest price. We repeat our caveats about careful usage, however, as with all fanless PSUs.

Seasonic SS-400HT power supply, 80 Plus version

It is the least powerful of three ATX PSUs by Seasonic that have achieved 80 Plus approval. A plain-jane OEM model that's not available in a retail package, the 80 Plus version SS-400HT keeps all of its considerable strengths beneath its battleship gray appearance.

Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-450 ATX Power Supply

The SmartPower 2.0 line is a move back to traditional 80mm fan PSU design, with a twist: It has two 80mm fans in a straight-through, push-pull configuration. The second fan only spins up when necessary in an effort to keep the noise down. Antec's new "value" line is also compliant with the ATX12V v2.xx PSU Design Guide, and claims higher efficiency than the original SmartPower models.
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