Short Takes

Wireless mouse-in Keyboards from Enermax and Moneual

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QWERTY still rules, even with handheld devices, and as long as there's a computer lurking, a keyboard seems unavoidable. Couch potatoes (and HTPC users) rejoice: Here are two wireless keyboards with integrated mice, designed for relaxed in-lap use.

LogicSupply's BCM970012 PCIe mini card for 1080p on Intel Atom

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Logic Supply offers a Broadcom BCM970012 PCIe mini card that enables any Intel Atom system to play 1080p HD video. We give the card a compare/contrast before/after on a Intel D945GSEJT Atom board, and against two ready-made ION systems from Lenovo and Asus.

Samsung YP-S3 digital media player

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The Samsung YP-S3 is a small, slick, touch-sensitive portable audio/video media player priced at $100. SPCR's first Short Take article.
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