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Eliminate User and Security Breaches, Hacks Will Be Solved

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The latest newsletter from PR agency Marken Communications is well-considered and timely in the wake of the recent hacks that forced Sony to its knees.

"I disagree with some in the Cloud Industry who say calling the storage devices you carry with you and your home storage a personal Cloud is wrong. But they don't want to call it outsourced storage. It's semantics. Key is it's sitting somewhere else out of your control. There are too many people out there who want to put another conquest notch on their hacking skills by tapping into big companies. There are things you can do every day to protect your stuff from evil doers even if you use their Cloud. Be a little paranoid...

Exclusive Seasonic Promo Deals at Newegg for SPCR

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Seasonic USA is offering skookum deals on their great products for SPCR audiences though Newegg. These are offered only for a very limited time, so take advantage of them quickly!

Seasonic SS-520FL (N82E16817-151122) Fanless Power Supply Promotion
Discount: $15 | Code: 4SILENTPCREVIEW | Promotion Period: Jan 4 to Jan 6, 2013

Seasonic SS-520FL (N82E16817-151122) Fanless Power Supply and Fractal Design Define R4 Mid Tower Case Combo Promotion (N82E16811352021)
Discount: $20 | 1 week combo promotion: Jan 7 to 13, 2013

Discuss this news in the SPCR forums.

Anandtech on SPCR Certified AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC

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Dustin Sklavos of Anandtech revisited AVADirect's Quiet Gaming PC with GTX680 after its SPCR Certification as a Quiet PC and concluded that despite questions about the value of our certification and the use of a case he doesn't like, it is "Worth Considering In This Configuration." Forum discussion link.

News: Trust 80 Plus? nVidia GTX480

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"Can We Trust the 80 Plus Certification?" asks Hardware Secrets in an article which cites our biggest peeve with 80 Plus — unrealistically cool thermal conditions at higher load — plus the absence of re-testing for rebranded power supplies. Meanwhile.... nVidia's newly launched flagship GTX580 video card will not face direct competition from AMD's top-end 6900 series boards until mid-Dec. It's the fastest single GPU card right now, with power consumption to match. Reviews of the $500 GTX580 abound: TechPowerUp, OverclockersClub, Anandtech, HardwareCanucks, HardOCP, Techgage.

IDF 2009: First Morn

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Early morn breakfast at the Marriot Hotel in downtown San Francisco with HP and a hundred-odd journalists, followed by an intro of the company's Skyroom, a hi-def videoconferencing and collaboration tool soon to be available for $149. A short jaunt to the Moscone convention center, up to the big hall on the 3rd floor where 4,000 attendees await the first keynote speaker, Intel CEO Paul Otelinni, surrounded with multiple billboard sized screens and loud rock music. " Moving seamlessly throughout the computing continuum," is the motto of the presentation, which you can view in its entirety at the IDF Press Room within 24 hrs. * Forum discussion.


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Eco PC Review will examine all the ways in which environmentalism applies to computing. EPCR will have a proactive, user-centric, and practical focus on the ways that the environmental impact of computer proliferation and usage can be minimized. EPCR aims to establish a leadership position in providing environmental information about computers relevant to both individuals and enterprises. We seek exceptional people to fill the following positions: Assistant Editor, Writers, and Hardware Reviewers. Click on read more for details.

Early Snow Blankets Vancouver

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It's not our typical news... but worthy of note as it's happening in SPCR's home city: This is the earliest big snowfall I've seen in 25 years of living in Vancouver. Started yesterday afternoon; 20-30cm predicted by the end of today. Disastrous for the homeless and traffic (street and air); great for kids and skiers. It sure makes things quiet. ;)

Click here for BIG picture in new window
The residents of this nearby cemetery have a fresh new snowy view of Vancouver's north shore mountains.

Now, on Tuesday, we are apparently "into the deep freeze", have -15°C to -20°C with the wind chill, and another 10cm of snow is expected tomorrow night. Click on read more for more photos

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Good Job!

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Statistically, most small businesses don't make it to five years. I think it's at least partly due to drudgery. SPCR is kind of a small business, and I feel its age more and more. Tasks I used to look forward to with relish now feel like... tasks. One has a sense of soldiering on. But once in a while, a little lift comes along, like this email, with the header "good job!":


i've been into computers most of my life, starting with early sinclairs and commodores (god, these were really silent!)

then PCs came along and made my world a noisy place

then i found your site

thanks to all your expertise, advice, articles, forums and so on and so forth, the noisiest component of my rig is now my... CRT screen! (a new LCD is on its way already)

anyway, i just would like to say that spcr is one mighty fine site, and i know of no other PC-related site that is managed so well, with such passion and devotion, that is so useful and rewarding to visit

your guys rule and kick bxxx and i wish you all the best in your quest to hush the world (isn't the world computers, after all?)

my best regards to you and your team!

patryk bartkiewicz

You're welcome... and thanks, Patryk.

Efficient PSUs that don't start

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The following discussion has been added as a section to the Power Supply Fundamentals & Recommendations article. It addresses the issue of modern, high efficiency power supplies that sometimes don't work with some modern motherboards.

* * *

Higher efficiency PSUs generally tend to need higher minimum power on the 12V line in order to simply run. Typically, we're talking about 1A or greater. Older, less efficient PSUs have much lower minumum current needs, under 0.5A and often ZERO. Click on Read More... to read more.

Coding Horror's Quiet PC Guide

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When Jeff Atwood built his first HTPC, he "had to turn the volume up to 11 just to drown out the noise." For the next few months, he "immersed [himself] in the world of silent PC enthusiasts [SPCR]."

Jeff says now every PC he builds is "optimized for performance and low noise from the very beginning. Building a high-powered rig that's so quiet your wife can't tell when it's turned on or off -- now that's an accomplishment! It's a bona-fide engineering challenge... In the process, I've learned quite a few things about building quiet PCs. I'd like to share them with you, so you can avoid making the mistakes I did." His short article is an excellent summary of SPCR-esque approaches and techniques. Discuss this article in the SPCR Forums.

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