Silverstone Fortress FT01: Positive Pressure Case

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Silverstone Fortress FT01

June 24, 2009 by Devon Cooke

Silverstone Fortress FT01
ATX Tower Case
Market Price

Silverstone has been making cases for a while, and it shows. At time of writing, it has no less than 56 different case models on its web site. The cases are divided roughly into ten different series, one of which is called the Fortress. The FT01 is, so far, the sole model in this series, which sets itself apart by featuring what Silverstone calls "uni-body" construction. Aside from the obvious marketing advantage of using a slick automotive word like "uni-body", the design makes for a more rigid body, with fewer separate parts that can warp or rattle. This is not Silverstone's first unibody case — the Temjin TJ07 has been around for three years — but the adoption of a new name for the series suggests Silverstone may produce more of these cases in the future.

Superficially, the FT01 resembles the TJ07 in its clean rounded corners, which comes from the one piece aluminum extrusion that forums the top, front and bottom. It's considerably smaller, however, and the interior bears little resemblance to the earlier case. This is a good thing — by and large the TJ07 disappointed us with its noisy fans and tendency to vibrate. While the basic construction material is still aluminum, Silverstone addressed earlier shortcomings with touches such as foam-dampened panels, and plastics and rubber to keep things tight, damped yet rigid.

The usual oversized box keeps things safe during shipping.

The other highly touted feature of the FT01 is that it is designed for positive pressure cooling, with more and larger fans blowing into the case than out of it. The positive vs. negative pressure debate has been simmering along for years, and we have no desire to stoke the flames. While both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, what matters is the amount of airflow, not how it is produced, and either approach can be effective. Silverstone has an informative page that lists some of the benefits of positive pressure.

Silverstone Fortress FT01: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
Positive air pressure design optimizes cooling performance
Positive air pressure isn't really desirable in and of itself, but it does have benefits, such as the potential to reduce dust build-up.
Uni-body frame construction from the flagship Temjin TJ07
Uni-body in the case means the top, front, and bottom panels are formed from a single piece of aluminum. Rivets and screws are still used to attach the remaining panels and the interior.
Artful, understated design with excellent ergonomics Now that's right up our alley!
Dual 180mm silent fans included for outstanding cooling and quietness
We're always skeptical of "silent" fans, but the trend towards larger fans has been good for making things quiet.
Minimal use of rivets for maximum serviceability
That means screws, which means the potential for loosening over time. On the other hand, some people consider a removable motherboard tray an advantage.
Highly flexible drive storage options with hot-swappable SATA adapter A little inconvenient given the side panel has to be removed to get at the drive, but a welcome option. If nothing else, it eases drive installation.

Silverstone FT01: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Model No. SST-FT01B (black)
SST-FT01S (silver)
SST-FT01B-W (black + window)
SST-FT01S-W (silver + window)
Material 3.0mm ~ 6.0mm uni-body aluminum outer frame and aluminum body
Motherboard ATX, Micro ATX
Drive Bay External: 5.25" x 5
Internal: 3.5" x 7
Cooling System Front: 1 x 180mm intake fan, 700rpm, 18dBA
Rear: 1 x 120mm exhaust fan, 900rpm, 18dBA
Top: 1 x 180mm intake fan, 700rpm, 18dBA
Expansion Slot 7
Front I/O Port USB2.0 x 2
IEEE1394 x 1
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply 1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Expansion Card Compatible with expansion card up to 12”
Net Weight 8.66kg
Dimension 211 mm (W) x 486 mm (H) x 494.5 mm (D)
Extra One CP05 included for single hot-swappable SATA hard drive, additional CP05 can be purchased separately

It's instructive to consider the volume of the FT01 in comparison to some other cases. Note that the volume is based on maximum external dimensions, which can sometimes be signficantly higher than the internal dimensions.

Volume Comparison of Various Cases
(based on external dimensions)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Volume (liters)
Silverstone Raven
28 x 61 x 66 cm
Silverstone TJ07
22 x 56 x 56.5 cm
Antec P183
20.5 x 51.4 x 51 cm
Silverstone FT01
21 x 48.6 x 49.5 cm
Antec Solo / P150
20.6 x 43 x 47 cm
Coolermaster Sileo 500
20 x 43 x 48 cm
Antec Fusion Remote Max
44.5 x 19 x 45 cm
Antec NSK-3480
20 x 35 x 35.5 cm
Shuttle SD11G5*
21 x 18.5 x 20 cm
Lenovo M58p Eco USFF†
27.5 x 24 x 8 cm
mCubed HFX Micro
23 x 24 x 7.5 cm
* A barebones system, but a typical breadbox style SFF case.
Typical corporate SFF PC.

It's noteworthy that the FT01 is about the same size as the Antec P183, about 25% bigger than the classic mid-tower Solo or Sileo. It's substantially smaller than the previous unibody TJ07 and less than half the size of the recently reviewed Raven. So as enthusiast ATX cases go, it's not really that big.

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