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This is a collection of articles about Silent PC Review, Quiet Computing and/or Mike Chin that have appeared in the media over the years. It is not complete or exhaustive. Also listed are works about computing by Mike Chin published outside of SPCR.

Clicking on the logo of the publication will take you to the publication or the online article if it is still available. Right clicking on the title of the article will give you options to view or download a PDF file of the article.

Home Power: Plug In to Greener Computing by Mike Chin - Feb / Mar 2009 issue
Maximum PC: White Paper: Power Supplies - Nov 2007 issue
New York Times: PCs to Be Seen, Not Heard - Oct 11, 2007

Computer Gaming Magazine: DIY PC 101 - Shut Up! - Sept 2006 issue

Home Power: Choose an Energy Efficient Computer by Mike Chin - Aug/Sept 2006 issue
Build the Ultimate Home Theater PC
by Ed Tittel and Mike Chin

ExtremeTech Series book published Dec 2005 (The link goes to an excerpt from the book.)

The Wall Street Journal: Sounds of Silencers are Loud and Clear: PCs Are Too Noisy - June 2, 2005

CNET: Computing's silent revolution - Jan 31, 2005

PC World: Quiet PCs With No Compromise by Mike Chin - May 2004
PC World: 20 Things You Didn't Know Your PC Could Do - Give You a Little Peace and Quiet - Feb 04, 2003
The Hartford Courant: Computer Noise Often is an Overlooked Problem - Jan 16, 2003
New York Times: The Stealth Computer - Oct 23, 2003
  Net Professional (Netherlands): Breadbox PC - Nov 2002
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Georgia Straight: PC Rattle and Hum Will Soon Gnaw at You Too - Oct 17, 2002

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