Viako Mini Letter ML-45 LEAP E-350 Barebones Nettop

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Viako Mini Letter ML-45 LEAP E-350 Barebones Fusion Nettop

July 8, 2011 by Lawrence Lee

Product Viako Mini Letter
ML-45 LEAP E-350
Barebones Nettop
Manufacturer Viako

Viako is a Korean company with a line of slick SFF/HTPC cases, barebones, full systems, and accessories that apparently have a fair-sized following in Asia. Their cases all have a small footprint but vary in size, mostly in thickness. Their more complete solutions are agnostic when it comes to hardware, utilizing Atom, ION, Fusion, and even Sandy Bridge chips. Our first sample from Viako is the Mini Letter ML-45, a thin mini-ITX barebones with an AMD E-350 APU and Giada motherboard.

The box.

The Mini Letter ML-45 ships in a whimsical box sent through time complete with blue and red "air mail" accents on the edges and even postage paid stamps. It makes us nostalgic for the good old days when people actually looked forward to mail and penmanship was legible.

Package contents: ML-45, AC-to-DC power adapter, remote control, batteries, WiFi antenna, driver disc, and manual.

The package contents on the otherhand are anything but a blast from the past. The ML-45 is a diminutive barebones PC with a sleek aluminum casing housing and the latest in nettop technology: AMD's Fusion E-350 accelerated processing unit consisting of a dual core 1.6 GHz CPU and Radeon HD 6310 graphics. Though not exactly a stellar performer, the E-350 still runs circles around Intel's Atom processors and the graphics chip is more than capable of decoding full high definition video. It has all the right hardware for a media PC including connectivity options like 802.11n and Bluetooth. The included remote, front panel display, and the application(s) running may be what makes or breaks the experience; Too often these are just thoughtless add-ons.

Viako Mini Letter ML-45 LEAP E-350: Specifications
(from the product web page)

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