Wireless mouse-in Keyboards from Enermax and Moneual

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February 11, 2010 by Mike Chin

Micro Aurora Wireless Aluminum Keyboard (Model KB008W-B) with laser trackball & mouse keys
Moncaso Wireless Keyboard (Model MK700) with laser trackball & mouse keys
Enermax Moneual
Street Price
$70~90 $30

Since the emergence of the personal computer, the classic typewriter keyboard has become utterly ubiquitous. The QWERTY keyboard remains the primary interface between human beings and computing devices, from the micro-keyboards on handheld devices like the iPhone or Blackberry, to the big 106-key discrete maxi-keyboards for desktop PCs. Naturally, there have been many evolutionary changes to adapt the alphanumeric keyboard for different sizes and types of devices. One increasingly important variant is for the couch-potato HTPC user, whose large flat-screen displays movies and TV programs as well as games and more traditional computer applications. The wireless keyboard with integrated mouse was made expressly for this user.

Highly sophisticated remotes such as the very pricey Logitech Harmony models attempt a single, one-hand control solution, as do the Windows Media Center Edition remotes. But if you're running a PC, sooner or later, access to a keyboard is mandatory. The wireless keyboard with integrated mouse functions is a counterpoint to the sophisticated hand-held remote: It is a singular computer control device that requires two hands and a lap, but nothing else.

The wireless keyboards under review are from very different companies. Enermax is known primarily as a maker of power supplies, while Moneual is a high end HTPC case/system maker. The former is obviously diversifying its product range, while the latter is staying well within its realm.

Wireless keyboards from Enermax and Moneual: They both integrate mouse functions in a lap-friendly shape and size.

Brushed Aluminum with Diamond Cut Edges
2.4Ghz radio
2.4GHz ISM band radio
Hot Keys
7 (Home, Email, Search, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Play/Pause)
Multimedia, Internet and Office hot keys
Key Switch
Scissors structure (patented)
Key Zone
Trackball Tracking
Laser (patented)
Patented optical trackball
Trackball Resolution
L319 x W193 x H33 mm (12.56” x 7.60” x 1.30”)
340L x 163W x 31.5H mm
800g /1.77lb - 2 AA batteries add 30g
580g w/ 2 AAA batteries
Special Features
*Integrated mouse left / right keys and scroll wheel
*Windows MCE remote control
*red dot design winner 2009 (category: computer accessories)
* Integrated mouse left / right keys
*8 channels w/ 4096 IDs avoid interference
*Fold-down feet provides keyboard tilt for typing
*Compatible with all versions of Windows
* FCC & CE approvals

The two keyboards have many more similarities than differences. Their functional essence center around the mouse buttons on the left side, and the rollerball on the right side, for control by your thumbs. The photos below captures it.

In normal use, these keyboards, sit in your lap, fingers underneath the sides near the top, with thumbs to operate the mouse buttons on the left and the rollerball on the right. The full keyboard is available when needed.

The Enermax keyboard goes a step further than the Moneual by including a scroll wheel/button, a little bit further in from the edge.

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