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AMD HD 6900 Series Launch

AMD PR has done a good job: Reviews of the Radeon 6950 and 6950 graphics card dominate today's tech news as tech web editors trot out their voluminous findings in accordance to AMD's NDA schedule. We wonder if such a concentrated salvo is better for market awareness than a slightly less intense but longer lasting barrage, given the apparently short attention span of Joe Public. Perhaps it's all just about mind-share at any given point in time. A quick scan at most of the reviews suggest the 6970 reaches parity with the nVidia GTX 570 but fails to catch the GTX 580, which remains the fastest single-chip video card on the market. The HD 6950 appears to have hit the value sweet spot, providing all the features like triple monitor support, 2GB memory and the architecture of the new Cayman chip at $299, a price point where there is no direct competition.

AMD HD 6900 series reviews:

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