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SPCR is 12

Twelve is a number imbued with rich meaning throughout history and
mythology, in a myriad of cultures. Twelve apostles in Christianity, twelve
Olympians in ancient Greek mythology, twelve Jyotirlingas in Hindu Shaivism.
In time: Twelve months, twelve hours in a clock dial, twelve signs in both Chinese
and Western zodiacs. In movieland: Twelve Monkeys, 12 Angry Men, The Dirty Dozen
and Ocean's Twelve. Twelve Knights at King Arthur's round table, 12 inches in
a foot, a dozen eggs. And SPCR is 12 years old today.

What is there to say after a dozen years of running SPCR that I haven't said
at previous significant anniversaries? Not a whole lot, really. The ascension
of mobile computing is a fait accompli, especially at the consumer level, and
the PC continues its fade from consumer usage. The traditional ATX PC will not
disappear any time soon, as there are far too many "serious" applications
for which miniature mobile devices remain unsuitable. Fan and hard drive noise
are rarely an issue with mobile devices but they remain significant for the
aurally acute who work or play extensively with PCs. Despite the dramatic improvements
in CPU and PSU efficiency over the past few years, truly whisper quiet computers
are hardly commonplace, and video cards continue sounding like jet engines when
used for their purpose.

In this context, SPCR continues to serve the interests of the aurally sensitive
tech user.

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